Twin Indian Sisters ran away to Marry out of Choice

Two Indian sisters from Rajasthan ran away from home. It was revealed that the twin sisters left to get married by choice.

Twin Indian Sisters ran away to Marry out of Choice f

they had court marriages to men of their choice.

Two Indian sisters had arranged marriages at an early age. However, they decided to run away from home and get married out of choice.

The sisters are from Sanjata village, Rajasthan. After their disappearance, the police were informed.

During their search, officers received information about their whereabouts.

When they located the twin sisters, they found out that they both had court marriages. Officers also found out their reasons which left them shocked.

The sisters explained that they were born into a poor family and had marriages arranged for them when they were teenagers.

They ended up getting married to two young men that they did not like. One was a labourer while another was a drug addict. Both were uneducated.

Meanwhile, the girls were educated and refused to accompany their husbands anywhere they went.

Sisters Jamana and Nehu decided they did not want to stay with them, therefore, they came up with a plan to run away. On February 4, 2020, they both left their home.

When their family found out they were missing, they informed the village sarpanch and a search was underway. The family later called the police after having no success.

Officers searched for the Indian sisters for 12 days before receiving a tip-off about their whereabouts.

The sisters were located in Lunava village, Rajasthan. Officers were informed that they had court marriages to men of their choice.

When questioned, the sisters stated that they were both adults and were free to marry whoever they wanted to.

They told police that they ran away from home because they did not want to stay married to uneducated men.

They also did not like the fact that they had arranged marriages when they were children.

The young women told officers that they cannot take legal action against them.

The sisters also pleaded for protection out of fear that their home village will find out about their marriages and may become violent towards them.

Within the family, the sisters also have an elder sister who is married and four brothers.

The matter was presented before the court and they ordered security to look after their husbands and in-laws. The court also ordered protection to be assigned to the twin sisters.

Although the sisters married out of choice, there is a possibility that their family may take action. This is something which has happened in other cases and has turned violent.

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