Indian Relatives Beat Lover who Ran Away with Girl

A group of Indian relatives brutally beat a man who had been in a relationship with one of their family members. The victim and the girl had run away.

Indian Relatives Beat Lover who Ran Away with Girl f

her family sent the girl to live with her relatives in Bhatapara.

Six Indian relatives have been arrested for beating up a girl’s lover after the two had run away.

The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Devgan Dhruv, also known as Prince. The suspects kidnapped Devgan from the Changorabhatha area of Chhattisgarh and he was taken to Bhatapara.

He was taken to a house where he was beaten.

A few hours after the complaint was registered, the victim was located and freed while six of the girl’s relatives were arrested.

During the investigation, police officers discovered that the abduction and assault were due to a love affair.

It was revealed that Devgan was an employee in the Municipal Corporation. He had been in a relationship with the young woman, who lived in the area, for two years.

However, her family were not happy with the relationship when they found out.

In a bid to end the relationship, her family sent the girl to live with her relatives in Bhatapara.

The young woman later ran away on Friday, August 30, 2019, and met her lover in Raipur.

Meanwhile, her relatives in Bhatapara had arrived in Changorabhatha to search for the girl.

They eventually found the girl with Devgan and this enraged them. The Indian relatives started beating him before taking him and the girl to Bhatapara.

Upon arriving at the house, the girl’s relatives took her lover to a room and brutally beat him up before locking him inside.

Meanwhile, Devgan’s friend found out what happened and informed the police. Officers in Changorabhatha registered a case and left for Bhatapara.

They raided the house and managed to rescue the victim. Three of her relatives were subsequently arrested.

One has not been named while the other two were identified as Mahendra Sen and Santhosh Sen.

The young woman also informed the police that the other three suspects fled to Raipur. Officers later tracked down and arrested the three men.

Aamir Khan, Ramzan Khan and Radheshyam Yadu were accomplices of the girl’s relatives and were taken into custody.

In a similar incident, a man was stabbed by his in-laws for marrying their daughter.

Imtiaz got married to Fatima in secret which made her family worried. They filed a police complaint and they discovered that the woman had gotten married.

After leaving the police station, the in-laws attacked Imtiaz. He was pulled out of a vehicle and beaten during the assault.

Many witnesses saw the attack. Fatima’s brother soon brandished a knife and repeatedly stabbed Imtiaz until he collapsed in the middle of the road.

After leaving the area, bystanders rushed Imtiaz to a hospital where he was in a critical condition. A case was registered and Fatima’s father and three brothers were arrested. Officers also seized five knives.

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