2 Indian Sisters marry Wrong Grooms after Power Cut

In a bizarre incident, two Indian sisters accidentally married the wrong grooms after a power cut during their joint wedding.

2 Indian Sisters marry Wrong Grooms after Power Cut f

"the mix-up happened for one of the rituals."

Two Indian sisters accidentally married the wrong grooms after a power cut caused a blackout during their joint wedding.

The bizarre mix-up happened in the village of Aslana in Madhya Pradesh.

Both brides had their faces covered with a veil, which contributed to the confusion.

It was reported that Rameshlal Railot organised a joint wedding for his daughters.

The sisters wore the same bridal outfits and had their faces covered with a veil, in keeping with local traditions, when they arrived for the wedding rituals.

But as the wedding began at around 9 pm on May 5, 2022, the village suffered a power cut.

In the darkness, the sisters ended up sitting next to the wrong groom.

It is unclear whether the pair knew the men they were marrying.

One daughter named Nikita was supposed to marry a man named Bhola. However, she accidentally swapped grooms with her sister Karishma, who was set to marry Ganesh. The grooms were not related.

Amid the confusion, the priest continued with the marital rites.

The two brides also performed several wedding rituals with the wrong partner before the power was restored and the family members realised the mix-up.

While the power outage has been blamed for the error, the brides’ father suggested that the priest may have been confused due to their identical outfits.

An elder brother of Rameshlal, Sitaram, said one bride’s hand was given to the wrong groom due to the power failure, which he described as a regular occurrence in the village.

He explained: “They did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the mix-up happened for one of the rituals.”

Sitaram went on to say that the village does not have proper electricity pylons, stating that the incident showed how serious a problem the frequent power outages could be for the locals.

He continued:

“It is insulting for us – because of a power failure we suffered this humiliation.”

Sitaram said that after the power came back on after midnight, the wedding “continued as planned”.

The vows were exchanged with the right grooms.

Village residents said that the fact the power came on just in time to prevent the wrong wedding vows from being exchanged had restored their belief in the saying that matches are made in heaven.

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