10 Top Restaurants on Birmingham’s Ladypool Road

Birmingham’s Ladypool Road has lots of restaurants serving delicious food. Here are 10 of the best to check out.

Grillz serves classic curries as well as signature steaks

Exploring Birmingham’s vibrant culinary scene unveils a treasure trove of flavours and Ladypool Road stands at its heart as a gastronomic haven.

Ladypool Road has long been known as the heart of the ‘Balti Triangle‘ but in recent years, a wide variety of restaurants serving different cuisines have grown in popularity.

Not only do the restaurants on this well-known road attract locals but they also bring in people from other cities.

Each offers a unique blend of tradition, innovation and delectable cuisine.

From aromatic spices to mouthwatering dishes, get ready to indulge your senses and discover the culinary delights that make Ladypool Road a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Here are 10 of the best restaurants on Ladypool Road to check out.


 Al-Bader is a lovely Middle Eastern restaurant that serves Lebanese and Moroccan food.

This eatery is abundant in enticing aromas, great service and a varied menu.

As you walk inside, lamps are hanging from the ceiling and the embroidery on the soft cushioned chairs creates a great ambience.

Al-Bader attracts a range of customers with its delectable array of dishes.

One of its most popular dishes is the Mezza.

It consists of hummus, hummus beiruty, moutabal (aubergine and tahini dip), warak enab (stuffed grape leaves), tabbouleh (parsley salad), falafel (deep-fried balls) and salad.


10 Top Restaurants on Birmingham's Ladypool Road - grillz

A spacious and luxurious restaurant, Grillz is a popular steakhouse on Ladypool Road.

In addition to the warm atmosphere, the dishes on offer are moreish.

Grillz serves classic curries as well as signature steaks, which have a great presentation.

On the drinks menu, there are a variety of mocktails to try.

Pina Colada, Kiwi Fizz, Rainbow Cruise and Strawberry Daiquiri are just some of the options.

For steak lovers, Grillz is one of the best restaurants to visit when on Ladypool Road.


Fargo’s is a standout restaurant on Ladypool Road and this is partially due to its bright blue neon sign.

A cosy place that takes a spin on fast food, Fargo’s serves burgers, pizzas, stir-fries and curries.

One Tripadvisor user said: “Very welcoming, reasonably priced menu, tasty dishes. Well recommended. Will visit again.”

The menu has a variety of influences such as Japanese fried chicken as well as Korean and Indo-Chinese flavours.

Fargo’s is known for its sharing options.

These include its Sticky Fat Fries, which are chips tossed in chilli and soy hot sauce, diced mixed peppers and onions. It is garnished with sour cream and spring onions.

Another popular dish on the menu is the Tomahawk Steak.


10 Top Restaurants on Birmingham's Ladypool Road - antep

Antep is a Turkish restaurant that specialises in chargrilled kebabs.

They serve traditional dishes such as Yogurtlu Adana (minced lamb), Iskender Kuzu (lamb doner), Yogurtlu Tavuk (grilled chicken) and Yogurtlu Shish (grilled lamb).

Kebabs are typically accompanied with rice and salad, but chips are also available.

Antep has a rustic atmosphere, with exposed brick and a black, gold and red theme.

One reviewer said:

“It was our first time trying Antep, and just wanted to say the food was amazing. Succulent, juicy and flavourful.”

“There was a lovely appetiser which was bread and hummus and other condiments. The service was quick and friendly. The food arrived not too long after.”


10 Top Restaurants on Birmingham's Ladypool Road - alamgir

The Alamgir is a magnificent restaurant where modern and traditional cuisine unite.

Alamgir’s interior is inspired by the Mughal era, with paintings and gold ornaments.

Serving up authentic Pakistani cuisine, some popular dishes include Lamb Karahi, Chicken Karahi, Daal, Haleem and much more!

Alamgir also serves a variety of global foods such as Chicken Manchurian, Vegetable Stir Fry and Chicken Pasta.

One reviewer said: “Delicious food as always, great service again! We will be ordering again! We are a regular customer that loves coming to the restaurant.”

For those craving great Pakistani cuisine, Ladypool Road’s Alamgir is the place to visit.

Chaska & Chaii

Chaska & Chaii is known for its Indian and Pakistani-inspired menu.

Their signature tawa features a generous helping of starters, biryani, curries, fries, naan and salad.

Boasting layers of flavour, the tawa is ideal for groups of diners.

One Tripadvisor review read: “A lovely place to visit with the family and kids!

“There is something delicious for everyone! The environment is perfect and picturesque, and the food is even better.

 “You can’t fault the quality! Everything is fresh and smells amazing!”

“The kebabs are sized and spiced perfectly, the biryani is flavoursome, and the food portion sizes are better than most places.”

Lahore Village Restaurant

10 Top Restaurants on Birmingham's Ladypool Road - village

Lahore Village is a lovely restaurant to visit if you are looking for quality food on a budget.

With its standout pink sign, it serves traditional Pakistani dishes.

Popular menu options include burgers, chicken and lamb curries, steaks and mixed grills.

It is a lovely spot for the family as there is something for everyone.

A reviewer said: “Staff are fabulous, caring and busy.

“The food is amazing, we shared a starter combo which is value for money and won’t complain but enough for two people.”

Shinwari Dera

Shinwari Dera is an Afghani restaurant but also has Indian, Turkish, Pakistani and Arabic influences.

The interior combines a 1950s American cafe with Middle Eastern-style tiles and paintings.

Diners also have the option to use the booth’s curtains for added privacy.

A popular dish is the Chappal Kebab and it is also much-loved due to its rich flavours. It is also a large portion, great for sharing.

The rice dishes are enjoyable as they feature raisins and an array of Afghani spices.

One reviewer said: “I had a great visit to this authentic Pakistani and Pakhtoon restaurant on Ladypool Road.

“The staff helped me navigate the menu and serviced up a great mixed grill and an amazing hanging naan!”

Don Tacos

If you are on Ladypool Road and love Mexican food then Don Tacos is a must-visit.

It has a vibrant atmosphere, with Mexican-inspired artwork adorning the walls.

Don Tacos also has a homely feel.

One dish to try is the Birria Tacos. Diners are served three corn tacos filled with slow-cooked beef and lots of cheese.

They are grilled to allow everything to meld and served with birria sauce, which adds even more flavour.

Street food favourites and grilled options are also available.


Chickaros offers a selection of handmade gourmet burgers, steaks and grilled items.

The atmosphere has a luxurious feel and slogans on the walls include the likes of:

“Ended up at Chickaros.”

Its dishes have a variety of cuisines and one special is Chicken and Waffles, a popular dish in the United States.

Chickaros’ Kebabish Bao Buns are a fusion dish that combines kebabs with Chinese bao buns.

It consists of spicy doner kebab fried with onions and peppers, served in a bao bun.

Birmingham’s Ladypool Road is packed with restaurants, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it is authentic Desi food or burgers, each restaurant serves food that is abundant in flavour.

So the next time you are on Ladypool Road, check out one of these eateries.

Kamilah is an experienced actress, radio presenter and qualified in Drama & Musical Theatre. She loves debating and her passions include arts, music, food poetry and singing.

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