Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham offers a great selection of Vegetarian-Only and Vegetarian-Friendly restaurants. Here are some of our favourites for you to try out!

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

For those looking for hearty Indian street food, Shobha’s is for you.

In world of fast food and takeaways, vegetarian-only restaurants can be sometimes hard to come by.

Luckily, Birmingham is home to some exceptional vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cafes.

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Birmingham.

Vegetarian-Only Restaurants

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

The Warehouse Café

54-57 Allison St, Birmingham B5 5TH

Located in Digbeth, the Warehouse Café has been running for over 30 years. Using only fresh produce, and inspired by British seasonal fruit and vegetables, these healthy dishes are unpretentious and hearty.

Reasonably priced, their vegan and gluten free options include Corn, Red Pepper and Aubergine Fritters served with organic Paprika Popcorn and Sweetcorn Relish.

Be sure not to miss out on their burger selection, with specially made House Patties made from spinach, beans, grains and peanuts.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Veg Out Café

46 Poplar Road, Birmingham B14 7AG

Awarded for its ethical approach to food and cooking, Veg Out Café is a quaint little place that prides itself in organic fruit and vegetables.

They offer a great selection of organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes and serve only Fairtrade and organic coffee.

Their breakfast and lunch menu include falafels, burritos and delicious omelettes.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Mr Singh’s

Unit 15b New Square, West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 7PP

Mr Singh’s All Vegetarian Pizza is a delight for those Desi’s looking for great vegetarian food with a kick.

Serving only freshly prepared and high quality vegetarian food, their unique pizzas are any Italian-Desi lover’s dream.

Try their Dhania (Coriander) pizza or the Chunky Paneer with Mushrooms, Sweetcorn and Jalapenos. They also offer Vegetarian Sausages and Chilli Chicken burgers made from soya.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham


26 Great Western Arcade, Colmore Row, Birmingham B2 5HU

Aptly named after the Vegetarian Society formed in 1847, this stunning restaurant enjoys central views from the Great Western Arcade and was voted ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant Outside London’.

Their lush menu includes Puy Lentil starters, Bell Pepper Ragu, Quinoa Falafel and classic Mac and Cheese made with Blue Cheese Sauce and Salt Baked Turnips.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Jyoti’s Vegetarian

1045 Stratford Road, Birmingham B28 8AS

For those looking for a classic Indian touch, Jyoti’s Vegetarian is a family run business that knows how to make a great veg curry.

Using exotic spices, their Chef Specials include Dum Aloo, Mattar and Mushroom Masala, and Malai Kofta made with paneer.

They also offer delectable vegetarian sweets like Chocolate Barfi and Shrikhand.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham


16 Hall St, Birmingham B18 6BS

Specialising in authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine, Deepalis dishes are mouth-watering delights.

Their Indian classics hail from North India and South India, and include Pav Bhaji made with Bombay Street Style spices, Chana Bhatura and Mysore Dosa.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Ort Café

500-504 Moseley Road, Birmingham B12 9AH

Ort is a great little vegetarian café that combines food, music, art and live comedy.

The art and community café also has a pop up kitchen and serves a mean Vegan Breakfast as well as Tikka Paneer Gyros for lunch.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham


Kiosk 4, Watson Road off Cuckoo Road, Star City, Nechells, Birmingham B7 5SA

For those looking for hearty Indian street food, Shobha’s is for you.

They offer a mix of hot and cold dishes like Idli Sambhar which are steamed dumplings made from rice lentils and nuts, or a refreshing Papdi Chaat sprinkled with special spices and tamarind sauce.

Their classic Gol Gappay and Bhel will certainly keep you coming back for more. Their Saturday special includes fresh parathas with yoghurt and pickle.

Shambhala Village

Shambhala Village

85-87 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9SP

Shambhala Village is a relaxed family restaurant that prides itself in pure vegetarian cuisine. Their elegant and honest dishes are rich with flavour and authentic spices.

They offer a great variety of vegan and vegetarian foods from all parts of the world. From Indo Chinese, Mexican and South Indian classics.

Try their spicy Mexican Bean Burger, Shanghai Potatoes or Chilli Paneer Dosa for a mouthwatering meal you won’t forget in a hurry.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Café Soya

2, Upper Dean St, Birmingham B5 4SG

While not a purely vegetarian restaurant, Café Soya offers an incredible tasting Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

They pride themselves for their popular Vegetarian menu which they promise is very much sought after by vegetarian customers.

Customers can pick anything from popular Tofu and mock Soya ‘meat’ based dishes including, Vietnamese Veggie Steam Rolls, Tofu Skewers and Veggie Lemongrass Chicken Soup with Vermicelli Thin Rice Noodles made with mock chicken.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

Carters of Moseley

2c St Mary’s Row, Wake Green Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9EZ

This Michelin Starred vegetarian-friendly restaurant offers the finest cuisine in all of Birmingham. Their Vegetarian Special menu is out of this world.

Go on a Sunday for a vegetarian supper consisting of Roasted Cauliflower with Elderflower and Lemon, Scottish Girolles and Runner Beans, and Sheep’s Yoghurt, Beets and Blackcurrant.

Finish with a Black Fig Tart served with Fig Leaf Ice Cream. Dee-lish.

From street food to Michelin Star, these are just some of the incredible vegetarian restaurants that you can visit in Birmingham.

With healthy, fresh produce served in a delightful way, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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