Indian Couple lured Businessman into ‘Honey Trap’

Police have lodged a ‘honey trap’ case against a Rajasthani couple after luring a businessman into such a predicament.

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he found his partner and Murari having sex.

A police case has been registered against an Indian couple after they lured a man into a ‘honey trap’.

The incident happened in Rajasthan.

It was reported that the victim was trapped after offering to help the woman.

Kotwali Police Station in charge Adhyatma Gautam explained that the victim’s ordeal first started on January 15, 2022.

Fifty-five-year-old businessman Murari Lal had been on his way home when he encountered the woman.

She stopped him and asked him for Rs. 2,000 (£19), claiming that she desperately needed it to help an old friend.

Murari handed the money to the woman, unaware that it was part of the honey trap.

Murari and the woman began speaking frequently on the phone.

On January 18, 2022, a woman named Mahadevi, believed to be the woman’s friend, informed the Housing Board Colony.

She told them to go to the woman’s house to collect the money that she was owed.

But the woman’s partner, landlord Sitaram, arrived at the house first.

Upon entering the property, he found his partner and Murari having sex.

As part of the plan, Sitaram demanded Rs. 4 Lakh (£3,900) from the businessman.

He threatened to file a rape case against Murari if he did not hand over the money.

Terrified that he would be implicated in a false case, Murari agreed to pay the money but asked if he could do so in two instalments.

The couple agreed but despite this, they continued to demand money from the victim.

The constant harassment eventually prompted Murari to explain his ordeal at Kotwali Police Station.

He told officers that he began speaking to the woman after offering to help her. Their relationship turned physical, but he discovered he had been honey-trapped when money demands were made.

A police case was registered and during the investigation, ASI Mohan Meena arrested Sitaram. He has been charged with blackmail.

However, the woman who lured Murari into the honey trap has gone on the run.

While her partner remains in custody, a police team has been formed in order to locate her.

In India, there has been a number of honey-trapping cases.

Previously, a woman named Kajal Rani honey-trapped a man named Rajkumar, demanding that he pay her brother’s school fees.

If he refused to pay the fees, she threatened to file a rape case against him.

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