Solicitor shot at Point-Blank Range after being lured to Alleyway

A court heard that a solicitor was shot and killed at point-blank range after he and his friends were lured to an alleyway.

Solicitor shot at Point-Blank Range after being lured to Alleyway f

"One of them penetrated his heart and lungs."

Jurors at Sheffield Crown Court heard that a solicitor was shot and killed at point-blank range after he and his friends were lured to an alleyway.

Thirty-one-year-old Khuram Javed was shot three times and stabbed in the city centre in April 2021.

Three friends, including the murder accused who cannot be named for legal reasons, had lured Mr Javed and four of his own friends to an area close to Sheffield United’s ground, Bramall Lane.

Prosecutor Craig Hassell said: “At around 9:30 pm on April 10, 2021, Khuram Javed was shot dead on a footpath alongside St Mary’s Church near Sheffield United’s stadium in Bramall Lane.

“He was at that time 31 years of age. The prosecution say Khuram Javed and his friends were lured to the scene of the shooting by three of the defendants in this case.

“The murder accused produced a handgun and fired several shots.

“Three of the shots hit Khuram Javed. One of them penetrated his heart and lungs.

“A postmortem examination revealed he had also been stabbed in the back causing a wound.

“One of the shots hit a friend of Mr Javed’s causing a relatively minor injury to his foot.”

The following day, the defendant charged with murder was driven to an address in Reading.

Mr Hassell told jurors that the reason for the shooting may never be revealed, but that it would not be something for the jury to have to consider.

Mr Hassell said that Mr Javed and his friends would usually socialise at one of the apartments at Anchor Point.

He continued: “A group of friends would go there to socialise together. Several of the group of friends contributed to the rent of that apartment.

“On April 10 Mr Javed spent time with friends at Anchor Point.

“The defendants also spent time at Anchor Point Apartments. They were captured on CCTV in and around the building around 4 pm and again between 7:15 pm and 8:45 pm in the same area around Bramall Lane.”

The defendants were then picked up in a silver Vauxhall and taken to a fast food restaurant before heading back.

They were then said to have been seen around the car park of the Yorkshire Tile Company where one of Mr Javed’s friends had parked his car.

As Mr Javed’s friend went to his car, he allegedly felt “uneasy” by the teen defendant.

The solicitor and his other friends had planned to go to Bradford together.

They parked up and walked along Countess Road and followed the three defendants.

A witness noticed a group of three males and another group of five males. The witness then heard loud bangs and realised they were gunshots.

Mr Hassell continued: “One of the defendants turned and fired the gun back towards the deceased and his friends.

“Each of the surviving members of that group were trying to get out of the way and sheltering at the side of the footpath.

“They were fleeing, taking cover, trying to protect their own lives.

“Once the shooting had stopped, they emerged from where they had taken cover.

“They saw their friend Khuram Javed lying face down on the footpath. He appeared to already be unconscious.”

The solicitor was pronounced dead at 10:09 pm.

Mr Hassell said three figures were seen on CCTV entering an underpass at the junctions of Bramall Lane and St Mary’s Road.

A taxi had been booked from Tinashe Kimpara’s phone at 9:50 pm.

He later denied having any involvement and told police he was at his mother’s address from 2pm until midnight. He also said he did not own a mobile phone.

The unnamed defendant answered no comment.

Atif Mohammed answered no comment to questions until speaking with his own legal representative telling them he had learning difficulties and knew two of Mr Javed’s friends.

A firearms expert analysed an unfired cartridge and found it was a converted blank with a ball bearing inserted into the top of the casing.

Of the three gunshot wounds, Mr Hassell said the fatal one had been delivered at “contact or near contact”.

One passed through the solicitor’s thigh, one through the upper right part of his back and into the neck and the final fatal shot was fired at point-blank range through his upper right arm through the chest, right lung, heart, left lung.

There was also a 9.5cm stab wound to his back.

According to the prosecution, the defendants are expected to say that none of them took the firearm to the scene and that it belonged to and was used by one of Mr Javed’s friends.

The unnamed defendant denies one count of murder.

Atif Mohammed and Tinashe Kimpara, both aged 19, deny assisting an offender.

Sohidul Mohamed, aged 24, and Saydul Mohammed, aged 22, also deny assisting an offender.

The trial continues.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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