Indian Woman Honey-Traps Man to Pay Brother’s School Fees

An Indian woman from Punjab carried out a crime in which she honey-trapped a man in order to pay for her brother’s school fees.

Indian Woman Honey Traps Man to Pay Brother's School Fees f

she will not file a case if he handed her Rs. 5 Lakh

An Indian woman was arrested for honey-trapping and blackmailing a man into paying her brother’s school fees.

The incident happened in the city of Fazilka, Punjab.

It was reported that she threatened to file a false rape case against the victim unless he gave her Rs. 5 Lakh (£5,300) to pay the fees.

After a police case was registered, it was revealed that she had accomplices who were part of a blackmailing gang.

The accused was identified as Kajal Rani. The victim, Rajkumar, told police that he has known Kajal for seven months.

Rajkumar worked at a private school and had previously paid for admission when he was a student there.

Kajal’s brother Akashdeep Singh was enrolled at the school but when Rajkumar asked for the school fees, Kajal began to panic.

She later began threatening Rajkumar and told him that she would get herself admitted to the hospital and claim that he raped her.

Kajal said that she will not file a case if he handed her Rs. 5 Lakh to pay for her brother’s school fees.

The attempted blackmail angered Rajkumar and he went to the police, explaining what had happened.

A police investigation revealed that Kajal knew the leader of the blackmailing gang when she visited him in prison one day.

Harpreet operated in the area but was arrested along with an accomplice. Both are currently in prison.

The association between the Indian woman and Harpreet led police to set up a trap in order to arrest her.

Officers told Rajkumar about the plan and he agreed. On March 2, 2020, Rajkumar arranged to meet Kajal by a shop.

When they met, he told her that he did not have the money but promised to give her some of it tomorrow.

The next day, Rajkumar turned up with Rs. 20,000 (£210). As he handed Kajal the money, police officers swooped in and arrested the woman.

Officers also arrested two others, named Sheela Rani and Shinder Singh. They were identified as members of the blackmailing racket.

Locals witnessed the arrest and some even filmed it. The video showed Kajal apologising and pleading with them not to arrest her.

Following her arrest, police officers explained that while Kajal was not a direct member of the gang, she was associated with it.

They went on to say that the group has stolen approximately Rs. 2.5 million (£26,000).

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