Indian Woman arrested for ‘Honey Trap’ of Man after Affair

An Indian woman from Haryana was taken into custody for allegedly ‘honey trapping’ a man after she had an affair with him.

Indian Woman arrested for 'Honeytrap' of Man after Affair f

he had given her approximately Rs. 13 Lakh.

An Indian woman was arrested in Jind, Haryana for allegedly honey trapping a man. Officers found the suspect in possession of Rs. 80,000 (£870).

It is believed she had an affair with the complainant before she began to extort money from him by threatening to speak about their affair.

According to the complainant, the suspect had taken Rs. 13 Lakh (£14,100) from him. But she continued to try and take more money from him.

Police have identified the suspect as Komal. DSP Dharambir Singh explained that the matter came to light when a man named Ramnivas registered a police complaint against Komal.

In the complaint, Ramnivas explained that he met Komal and the two eventually became lovers.

However, after their affair ended, Komal began threatening to speak about their fling unless he gave her money.

The complainant told officers that he regularly gave the Indian woman money to prevent her from revealing all about their relationship.

He said that within a six-month period, he had given her approximately Rs. 13 Lakh. Despite the payment, she continued to ask for money.

Her continuous requests for money prompted Ramnivas to registered a police complaint.

DSP Singh said that following the complaint, a police team led by Jagdish Chandra and Yashbir Singh arrested the woman on Kaithal Road in Jind.

Officers found her in possession of Rs. 80,000 which is believed to be some of the money she had taken from Ramnivas.

A case was registered against Komal under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. She was remanded in custody while investigations continued.

Officers suspect that the complainant was likely to have been married which is why he was honey-trapped.

While further investigation will provide more information, Ramnivas may have ended the affair as his wife started to become suspicious.

He continued paying the woman as he feared that she would reveal their affair to his wife.

Honey trapping incidents are becoming more frequent in India. One high-profile case came out of Madhya Pradesh in which a group of women lured over 20 female university students into sleeping with VIPs.

Many of the young women were filmed having sex with the men.

The footage was later used to blackmail the men into handing over large sums of cash or government contracts.

Shweta Jain had led the gang and had lured the victims into her honey trapping operation by showing them her lavish lifestyle.

Following the gang’s arrest, efforts were made to seize their bank accounts. Officers are also collecting information about the women’s illegal assets.

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