Indian Man dupes 50 Women to cover ‘Expenses’ of 5 Wives

An Indian man from Madhya Pradesh conned 50 women. Investigators later found out that it was to cover the “expenses” of his five wives.

Indian Man dupes 50 Women to cover 'Expenses' of 5 Wives f

"The gang has duped over 50 women so far"

An Indian man from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, was arrested following an investigation by the Special Task Force (STF).

It was found that he led a gang that scammed more than 50 women by promising them jobs at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Bhopal.

Initially, the police had received reports of a gang conning women by promising them with nursing jobs at the premier state-run hospital in exchange for money.

Upon discovering the scale of the fraudulent operation, the case was transferred to the STF.

The investigation led to Dilshad Khan, who was confirmed as the leader, and his associate Alok Kumar, of Bhopal.

Both men were arrested and after confessing, officers discovered that they had conned over 50 women at the time of their arrests.

They had told the victims that they would be able to recruit them as nurses after making a payment.

Hundreds of thousands of rupees had been stolen by the group.

STF Additional Director General of Police Ashok Awasthi explained:

“The gang has duped over 50 women so far by promising them to be recruited as a nurse in AIIMS, Bhopal.”

Officers later found out the reason for Khan’s fraudulent operation and it was one of the more unique motives for carrying out a crime.

It was discovered that Khan was married to five women who were financially dependant on him.

The Indian man told police that he began scamming people in order to cover the “expenses” of his wives.

Khan also explained that one of his wives runs a private clinic in Jabalpur. Kumar’s wife works at a government girl’s hostel as a superintendent.

The men were remanded in custody while the STF continued with their investigation in order to gather more information.

Officers stated that the two women that were mentioned by their husbands were not directly related to the case, however, it was likely that they would be interrogated about their possible role in the scam.

According to STF officers, the gang targeted women who had just completed nursing courses and were in search of a good job.

India Today reported that the STF are still trying to find out what cities or villages the women came from in order to establish a pattern in terms of how the gang targeted their victims.

Officers are also searching for the remaining members of the group who are on the run.

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