Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan Disagree on Child Expenses

Feroze Khan and his ex-wife Aliza Sultan have not agreed on a settlement for child expenses, it was revealed in court.

Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan Disagree on Child Expenses


Feroze proposed a total payment of Rs 15 to 16 lakh

On December 15, 2022. actor Feroze Khan and his ex-wife Aliza Sultan were unable to agree on child support costs. As a result, the court will now also rule on their children’s expenses.

After four years of marriage, Aliza Sultan and Feroze Khan separated in September 2022. Their two children are now staying with Aliza.

Following the divorce, Aliza applied for child support at the Karachi municipal court, while Feroze Khan filed a lawsuit about the extradition of the kids in the same court.

Since October, hearings on each of their petitions have been taking place. At first, there was a disagreement between the two parties over child support.

The court granted both parties time to fix the cost concerns with their cooperation. But, the expenses between them were unable to be resolved.

In this respect, Feroze’s attorney stated to court reporter Ayaz Brohi that his client offered Aliza Sultan Rs 15 lakh (£5.4k) each year to cover the children’s bills.

However, his ex-wife refused to accept the offer.

Aliza Sultan’s lawyer claimed her demand of Rs 30 to 35 lakh (£10.8k – £12.7k) per year for kid expenditures was not met.

Feroze’s lawyer said that he volunteered to provide one lakh rupees (£364) per month for expenses, one lakh rupees each for the two Eids, and one lakh rupees for their tuition and summer breaks.

Feroze proposed a total payment of Rs 15 to 16 lakh (£5.4k – £5.8k) a year, however, Aliza refused.

The lawyer added that Aliza Sultan’s “ego” is the reason a decision hasn’t been made sooner.

On the opposite end, Qasim Shah, the attorney for Aliza Sultan, revealed that the court will now formally consider all of the parties’ demands, including those regarding the costs of the children.

He said that attempts at reconciliation between the parties had previously failed.

According to Qasim Shah, Feroze Khan has provided the court with two bank statements about his income.

One of which demonstrates that his employment has not been impacted and that his lifestyle and income are the same as they were before his divorce.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer has claimed that because the two sides were unable to reach an agreement over the costs, the court will now also rule on the costs for the children, likely on December 20, 2022.

According to the lawyer, the court will rule on the children’s expenditures first, and the remainder of the trial is expected to take many months.

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