Did Aliza Sultan aim a Dig at Ex-Husband Feroze Khan?

Aliza Sultan shared her opinion on a meme but was her comment a subtle dig towards her ex-husband Feroze Khan?

Did Aliza Sultan aim a Dig at Ex-Husband Feroze Khan f

“Who will tell that husband this?”

Aliza Sultan found herself the topic of conversation after she shared a meme on X, which quickly went viral.

The tweet read:

“I just want one Pakistani drama where the other girl tells the married girl that no one wants your husband.”

Aliza then went on to add her own opinion to the meme and said:

“Who will tell that husband this?”

Although the post was shared in a playful way, some internet users wondered if it was a subtle dig at her ex-husband Feroze Khan.

The pair split up following domestic abuse allegations against Feroze.

As things quickly went out of control, Aliza was forced to clarify her point and let fans and followers know that there was no hidden message behind the meme.

Aliza Sultan said: “It was just a meme, there was no indication towards anyone.”

Social media users assumed that the meme was directed at Feroze Khan after pictures emerged of him with actress Najiba Faiz, implying that the two were in a relationship.

Amidst all the rumours, Feroze clarified the truth behind the photographs and stated:

“It’s sad how in these times, people name other people dirty, just for the sake of a few bucks. It’s just sad.

“Why can’t we live and let live? Two people can be friends. They can be emotionally or craft-wise connected.

“Or some people could be spiritually connected. Or anything could be bringing them together. So why not just live and let live?

“I think that would be really healthy and peaceful for society and for Pakistan at large.”

Najiba also came forward on social media and requested people to stop assuming things just because they saw something on social media.

Najiba said: “For those dragging me into this baseless controversy, now posting different photos at different places, doesn’t mean that whoever is with Feroze Khan anywhere shall be taken as me because the faces of those girls are not visible.”

She went on to say that it was irresponsible and unethical to link her to various events without verification.

She continued: “Therefore, if Feroze Khan claims that he finally found the girl of his dreams, doesn’t mean that she was me, who went hiking and then unfortunately posted the picture on my social media account.

“So without verification, claiming such things is highly condemnable and unethical.”

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