Nausheen Shah slams ‘Extremist’ Kangana

Nausheen Shah was a guest on the talk show ‘Hadh Kar Di’, where she slammed Kangana Ranaut, labelling her an “extremist”.

Nausheen Shah slams 'Extremist' Kangana f

"Focus on your own country, focus on your acting."

Nausheen Shah recently appeared on talk show Hadh Kar Di and hit out at Kangana Ranaut.

When asked if she had ever met a Bollywood actor, Nausheen expressed her frustration towards host Momin Saqib and the live studio audience.

Although Nausheen said she had not met any Bollywood actors, she claimed she would like to meet Kangana.

When asked why she wanted to meet Kangana in particular, Nausheen slammed the actress and said:

“The way she says sh** about my country, the way she says a lot of crap about the Pakistan army, I salute her audacity.

“She has no knowledge but talks about the country, that too someone else’s country. Focus on your own country, focus on your acting.

“You know, you focus on your acting, your direction. You focus on your controversies and ex-boyfriends and whatnot.

“How do you know people are mistreated in Pakistan? How do you know about the Pakistan army? How do you know about our agencies?

“We ourselves don’t know, the agencies are in our country, the army is our country’s, they don’t share these things with us. They’re secrets are they not?”

Although Nausheen Shah praised Kangana’s acting credentials, she disagreed with her views.

Nausheen continued: “Brilliant actress. Beautiful, she’s an extremely beautiful woman.

“But I’m sorry, when it comes to respecting other people and countries, very bad… she’s an extremist.”

Nausheen also revealed that aside from being a model and actress, she also works as a marketing director for a property company.

Momin asked Nausheen if she liked it when she was compared to Kareena Kapoor Khan, to which she replied she did not.

Momin asked cheekily if it was because Nausheen didn’t find Kareena beautiful.

Nausheen said although she found Kareena very pretty, she does not like comparisons.

Before the show ended, Nausheen gave the audience words of wisdom in which she said if things were not working out the way you wanted them to, it was because things were about to work out for you.

She advised viewers that if they wanted to stay happy then keep people in their prayers, and look after each other, to be positive and happy.

Although her career began with modelling, Nausheen Shah is best known for playing Dua in the acclaimed series Pani Jaisa Piyar and Noor Jehan in Rehaai.

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