Ameesha Patel Opens Up on Her Equation with Anil Sharma

Ameesha Patel has opened up about her relationship with ‘Gadar 2’ director Anil Sharma in a series of candid remarks.

Ameesha Patel Opens Up on Her Equation with Anil Sharma - f

"Our relationship was never good."

Ameesha Patel has never been one to shy away from expressing her opinion.

The Gadar 2 (2023) actress has always worn her heart on her sleeve. She first worked with director Anil Sharma in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001).

In the film, she played Sakeena ‘Sakku’ Ali Singh, wife of Tara Singh (Sunny Deol). She reprised the role under Anil’s baton in Gadar 2.

It has come to light that Ameesha and Anil have not always shared the warmest relationship. Ameesha spilled the beans on her complicated relationship with the filmmaker:

“A lot of people have been asking me about my relationship with Mr Anil Sharma.

“So here is my answer to all. Our relationship was never good, even during Gadar 1, but he’s family to me and always will be.

“Like all family members, we don’t always get along, but we’re still family. That’s our bond.”

Ameesha further elaborated that she and Sunny were not Anil’s first choices for the respective roles of Sakeena and Tara:

Anil Sharma preferred Mamta Kulkarni over me. Anil Sharma wanted Govinda as Tara, but Zee wanted Sunny.

“So yes, his and my choices are poles apart. Zee Studios and Sunny have always been the reason for me to do Gadar.

“The script, which was written by Shaktimaan Ji, as Anil Ji always says. Also, it was Mr. Shaktimaan who created Sakina, not Anil Sharma.”

Ameesha previously alleged that there was mismanagement at Anil’s production company, ‘Anil Sharma Productions’. She claimed that there were discrepancies in payments.

Anil denied the allegations but quipped that Ameesha had made his company more famous.

Ameesha Patel also claimed that despite the director’s effort to showcase his son Utkarsh Sharma, she and Sunny still stole the spotlight:

“I feel bad for Anil Ji since he tried to push his son Utkarsh a lot in Gadar 2, but eventually, Tara and Sakina stole the limelight.

“Utkarsh is a very sweet boy, and I got him into the industry, and his father is very sweet to keep promoting him.”

“Let’s hope some bigwigs from the industry start signing Utkarsh, as he’s a sweet boy and no boy would like to only be signed by his dad.”

Utkarsh plays Charanjeet ‘Jeete’ Singh in Gadar and Gadar 2. 

Anil Sharma responded to Ameesha’s comments:

“I have good relations with everybody. I’ve had my disagreements with her, but that’s her nature.

“We had a disagreement when we first met for the first film. But she comes from a big family, and she carries that attitude around with her.

“I’m a simple person, I believe in living with love. She does, too, but sometimes her attitude gets in the way. But she is a kind person otherwise.”

Gadar 2 released on August 11, 2023. With a worldwide gross of over Rs. 650 Crore (£62 million), it is currently the second highest-grossing Indian film of 2023.

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