Indian court issues Arrest Warrant for Ameesha Patel

Bollywood actress, Ameesha Patel has been issued an arrest warrant for failing to appear before a court regarding a loan of Rs 3 crore.

Indian court issues Arrest Warrant for Ameesha Patel f

"Ameesha Patel ignored court orders"

A Ranchi Civil Court has released an arrest warrant against Ameesha Patel for not repaying a loan of near Rs 3 crore. She took the money from producer Ajay Kumar Singh for her upcoming film Desi Magic (2020).

As a result of her failure to repay the standing amount, her business partner Kunal Goomer will also face consequences.

According to Ajay Kumar Singh’s lawyer, the case against Ameesha falls under various sections of the law, the Indian Penal Code section 406: criminal breach of trust, 120 (B): criminal conspiracy and 138 of the NI Act.

The lawyer continued to mention how Ameesha Patel met Ajay at an event and asked for a meeting to be set up.

She proposed the idea of him investing Rs 3 crore and as a result, he will gain 10% interest and 10% share of the profit.

Ajay accepted the deal and made numerous payments over the next couple of months.

Yet, Ameesha failed to return the money as well as ignoring the requests made. The lawyer went on to claim that Ameesha eventually made a payment through a post-dated cheque.

Upon attempting to deposit the cheque, bank officials said no payment was to be made on behalf of Ameesha.

As a result of this refusal, Ajay decided to bring matters to the court.

Despite being summoned to the court, Ameesha Patel ignored court orders and did not attend.

Once again when the summons was going to be delivered to her, she dodged the order by claiming she was on her way.

After that, she continued to fail to stand before a judge and her house was locked.

The lawyer claims they contacted the court about her failure to attend hearings. He also stated that police contacted Ameesha but she did not acknowledge their request.

The case put forward by Ajay’s legal team was accepted by the court and they issued an arrest warrant. It was revealed by the lawyer that the warrant has been sent to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Ameesha appeared on Bigg Boss season 13, where she was seen coming in and out of the house.

If Ameesha Patel continues to ignore court instructions then she will be charged under section 82 and 83 of CrPc for the addition of her property.

Due to her constant negligence, Ameesha will be declared as having absconded the law. It has been reported that the police have reached Mumbai with the arrest warrant.

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