10 Photos of Ameesha Patel that confirm She’s a Sex Symbol!

Ameesha Patel is a beautiful actress that is well-known for tantalising her fans with jaw-dropping hot looks. We check out 10 photos that confirm she is one of Bollywood’s stunning sex symbols!

College of Ameesha

The tight costume hugs the actress flawlessly, showing off her hourglass figure.

Ameesha Patel hails as one of Bollywood’s most famous actresses, particularly during the 2000s.

She has built up a stunning filmography within cinema, first appearing in Tamil and Telegu films.

She first graced Bollywood screens in 2000, starring alongside Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Naa … Pyaar Hai. It quickly became the highest grossing film of the year, winning an array of awards and gave Ameesha’ career an excellent start.

But did you know she originally refused its leading heroine role? The starlet decided to continue her studies rather than jump straight into filmmaking.

The part then went to Kareena Kapoor Khan, who soon left just a few days into the project.

After receiving the offer a second time, Ameesha agreed. Since then, she’s appeared in a number of films, such as Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), Humraaz (2002) and Ankahee (2006).

The 42-year-old is also known for her sexy looks, delighting fans with her stunning photoshoots. From bikinis to beautiful dresses, she always appears enchanting and amazing.

Let’s then take a look at 10 photos that show Ameesha Patel is a true sex symbol!

Sultry Siren

Amisha rising out of water

Taken from one of Ameesha’s most recent photoshoots, the actress sizzles as she takes a dip in a swimming pool. As she emerges from the water, she slicks her hair back so fans can see her dazzling mauve bikini.

Embellished with silver, sparkling decorations, it shows off the star’s voluptuous cleavage. Her jewellery complements the swimwear; multiple bangles adorn her right wrist. She also wears a pair of large, hooped earrings – adding sex appeal to the look.

With her wet hair slicked back, we can gaze upon her smokey eye makeup, giving definition to her chocolate eyes. Alongside toned bronzer and glossy, red lips, Ameesha looks bewitching as a sexy siren!

Tantalising Fans

Amisha smiling

This monochrome picture gives a vintage feel to the 42-year-old celebrity. She wears a strapless top, detailed with shimmering studs along the bodice. Its low neck-line allows fans to gaze over her gorgeous curves.

Ameesha keeps her jewellery simple in this look, wearing a pearl bracelet with the top. However, we are left mesmerised by her makeup – the black-and-white photo injects boldness to her smokey eyes.

She gives a coy smile to the camera, with the image’s caption reading on Instagram: “Have a lovely weekend everyone.” With over 38,000 likes, we’re sure her fans felt ready to kickstart their weekend after seeing the stunning photo.

Lustful Gaze

Ameesha in a sexy photoshoot

Another image from the same photoshoot, we can see more of Ameesha’s seductive top. Synched perfectly, one can see how it reveals the star’s stunning figure and slim torso. She keeps her luscious hair swept back, so we can admire her top’s low neckline.

Aside from her smokey eyes, the 42-year-old sticks to a nude makeup palette. With subtle contouring and coral lipstick, Ameesha shows off her natural beauty!

Stunning in Black

Ameesha wearing a black dress

Ameesha Patel once again opts for black, but this time she wears a gorgeous dress. The sleeveless garment is comprised of satin around the bodice and changes to crushed velvet from the torso downwards.

The tight costume hugs the actress flawlessly, showing off her hourglass figure. She styles her hair in ringed curls, adding more definition to this sexy look.

For jewellery, the 42-year-old dons a chunky necklace, featuring lavish pearls and gems. Its hues of silver and white complement the dress wonderfully. As she gazes at the camera, we are left awestruck by the star’s beauty and charm.

Fun and Playful

Ameesha wearing a white top and shorts

From glamorous looks to something a bit more playful! Ameesha shows her perfect figure as she matches a white, crop top with a pair of tiny shorts. Not only do they reveal more of her seductive curves, but the look shows the star’s versatility.

We particularly love Ameesha’s top, which reveals her torso and a strapless, white bra. And her shorts add bright colours with its tropical theme. Her coral nails match them superbly!

The celebrity keeps her glossy hair loose and straight, cascading down her shoulders. As she leans to one side, Ameesha stares lustfully at the camera.

Lady in Red

Ameesha wearing red

As we have seen, Ameesha can ace the classic little black dress. But what about something more vibrant and dazzling? Take a look at this phenomenal image, where the actress sports silk, red dress.

The short garment reveals the starlet’s stunning legs as she places one hand on her thigh. She outstretches the other hand behind her head, so fans can gaze upon the beautiful outfit.

She accessorises the look with plenty of gold, linked necklaces, which match perfectly with the red dress. Her makeup is dramatic and enchanting; a bold, red lip accompanied by purple eyeshadow and mascara.

Sexy Black Bikini

Ameesha wearing a bikini

Ameesha once again sizzles on camera in an amazing bikini shoot. She leans against a wooden pole, allowing one to gaze at her elegant figure. The starlet matches black shorts with a strapless, bikini top.

In terms of jewellery, she keeps it to a minimum with just a chunky silver ring, decorated with a black stone. Her makeup looks light and refreshing – pairing pink blusher with creamy, coral lipstick.

With her raven hair swept back to one side, Ameesha truly looks incredible!

Powerful Pose

Ameesha wearing heels, top and shorts

Ameesha rocks another set of shorts, this time a tiny, denim pair. However, she adds attitude to this photoshoot by donning sleek, black stiletto heels. The star also wears a stunning black top, which gives fans a small glimpse of her cleavage.

Her hair is styled straight, with the fringe clipped back in a mini-beehive look. The 42-year-old tucks her hands into the pockets of her shorts, creating a powerful and sultry pose.

Beautiful Ameesha Patel

Ameesha wearing sunglasses and a blue dress

The Bollywood actress turns up the glamour with this gorgeous look. Wearing a blue, PVC dress, it creates a beautiful silhouette for Ameesha, oozing sex appeal with its low V-neckline and high leg slit.

While the dress highlights her curves, Ameesha looks away from the camera. She dons a pair of black sunglasses, injecting coolness into the look.

With her hair styled in loose waves, cascading down her back, this image is another example of the starlet’s status as a sex symbol.

A Bollywood Sex Symbol!

Ameesha wearing lingerie in shower

Wow, doesn’t Ameesha look utterly stunning in this photo? Taken during a shower shoot, the celebrity dons alluring lingerie, leaving fans mesmerised by the black corset. Detailed with gold accessories, it’s a perfect fit for the actress.

She adds more gold jewellery to the ensemble, such as a heavy bangle, chandelier earrings and plenty of chain necklaces.

With her wet hair swept back, Ameesha wears a glamorous pair of sunglasses, detailed with jewels. To finish off this unbelievable look, she injects a splash of colour with hot, pink lipstick.

Through these 10 sexy photos, we’re sure you’ll agree Ameesha Patel still reigns high as a sex symbol! With her natural beauty and amazing figure, she can rock bikinis, high-glamour and casual attire.

Creating dazzling looks in her photoshoots, she always delights and tantalises her fans! And with the starlet a keen user of Instagram, we can’t wait to see more hot images! Why not follow her social media page here?

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Images courtesy of Amisha Patel Official Instagram.

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