Aliza Sultan throws Shade at ex-husband Feroze Khan?

Aliza Sultan shared a post on Instagram and everyone thinks she is throwing shade at Feroze Khan. The couple split over a year ago.

Did Aliza Sultan aim a Dig at Ex-Husband Feroze Khan f

"If that man is like Feroze Khan, then indeed."

In a recent post, Aliza Sultan appeared to throw shade at her ex-husband Feroze Khan.

In an Instagram Story, she shared:

“A man can apologise, cry, and even faint, and still be lying.”

This cryptic post has ignited a conversation, particularly in light of her separation from Feroze Khan over a year ago.

Fans took it upon themselves to express their opinions, creating a diverse spectrum of perspectives.

Numerous comments suggested that Aliza should move on, emphasising the considerable time that has passed since the divorce.

However, reactions to the post were notably divided among gender lines.

With a majority of men disagreeing with her, women generally supported and resonated with Aliza’s sentiment.

A user captured the sentiments of those who found relevance in the quote, saying:

“If that man is like Feroze Khan, then indeed.”

Another stated: “He’s a man, obviously, that’s what they do.”

One remarked: “True! These men aren’t scared of what awaits them at the end of their life. Feroze Khan is an absolute narcissist!”

Amidst the disagreement, many comments of reason emerged, urging them to look at different perspectives.

One user noted: “She said ‘A man’, referring to someone specific, not men as a whole.

“We do not know the actual truth, so we can’t assume anything.”

On the flip side, negative comments flooded in, showcasing strong offence taken at Aliza’s post.

One user speculated: “She is probably talking about herself here, manipulating people just to make herself look innocent.”

Another one commented: “We can see who is crying from the very first day.

“You have been crying for a whole year now, and Feroze has made so much progress in his career while you are here spilling crocodile tears.”

Another negative comment stated: “I think she is mentally unstable and needs professional help.”

One comment read: “This is a sexist statement since women are much bigger liars and can put on an act way better than any man.”

The advice to move on persisted in negative comments.

One said:

“Just get over him already, you’re so pathetic.”

Another wrote: “We don’t care what she posts.”

These comments, while harsh, reflect a segment of the audience who perceives Aliza’s actions as unwarranted or irrelevant.

Many people also believe Aliza Sultan could have posted this in light of Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed’s wedding.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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