Indian Cop swallows Bribe Money when Caught

A viral video shows an Indian police officer being caught taking a bribe. In a bid to destroy evidence, he tried to swallow the money.

Indian Cop swallows Bribe Money when Caught f

officials continue to try and force Pal's mouth open.

In a viral video, a Haryana Police sub-inspector tried to swallow bribe money when he was caught.

Vigilance officials caught the police officer accepting the bribe from a person who had come to lodge a buffalo theft complaint.

The sub-inspector has been identified as Mahender Pal, an officer posted at Sector 3 Police Station.

It was reported that the sub-inspector was arrested at a wedding function.

He had demanded a Rs. 10,000 (£99) bribe and Rs. 6,000 (£60) of it had been taken by him earlier.

In the video, the vigilance officials are seen grappling with the sub-inspector and another man.

But as two officers tried to detain Pal, he puts the bribe money into his mouth in a bid to destroy the evidence.

As one note is seen falling out of his mouth, officers continue to grapple with Pal to try and retrieve the rest of the cash, with one official attempting to put his hand into the sub-inspector’s mouth.

A member of the public tries to intervene and even slaps the corrupt officer. He is pushed away by a vigilance officer before the matter escalates.

Meanwhile, officials continue to try and force Pal’s mouth open.

This results in him being taken to the ground and pinned down.

But despite efforts to retrieve the money, the sub-inspector ended up swallowing the bribe money and later screamed in pain.

Officials then picked up him and ushered him into a vehicle and taken to a police station.

A police complaint had been filed by a man named Shambhu Yadav. He said he sold a cow to a man named Deshraj for Rs. 40,000 (£400).

Deshraj handed over Rs. 30,000 (£300) but the remaining amount was still pending.

At the same time, Deshraj filed a complaint against Shambhu’s grandson, claiming he stole a buffalo.

At this point, the sub-inspector became involved in the matter.

Deshraj paid Lal Rs. 6,000 and said he would pay the rest at a later date.

Meanwhile, Deshraj reported the bribery case to the vigilance team and a raid was set up, led by Inspector Sheoran Lal.

At the wedding function, Deshraj contacted Lal to arrange for the remaining bribe money to be handed over.

Upon spotting the officials, Lal swallowed the bribe money.

After reaching the police station, officials eventually recovered the money after making Lal vomit out the cash.

An FIR has been registered against the accused under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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