Indian Bride runs away after scamming Groom of Rs. 200k

In Gujarat, an Indian bride ran away just hours after getting married after conning the groom out of Rs. 200,000 (£1,900).

Indian Bride runs away after scamming Groom of Rs. 200k f

she failed to return from the bathroom

An Indian bride ran away on her wedding day after reportedly conning the groom out of Rs. 200,000 (£1,900).

The incident happened in Gujarat.

It was reported that the bride ran away with the money along with her brother and the man who organised the wedding process.

Businessman Ankit Jain, of Karnataka, sought marriage with the help of a middleman named Satish Patel.

Satish soon found a bride for the 38-year-old, a woman named Swati Bhatt.

Satish showed Ankit photos of the woman and he approved, despite never meeting her.

As part of the agreement, Ankit had to pay Rs. 170,000 (£1,600) to the bride’s brother Hitesh Trivedi and Rs. 30,000 (£290) to Satish as commission.

The businessman handed over the money and travelled to Gujarat to meet Swati.

In addition, Ankit’s mother gave the Indian bride a gold ring worth Rs. 20,000 (£190), silver anklets worth Rs. 1,400 (£13) and a sari.

The wedding was a simple ceremony and it took place on the banks of the Tapi River, near Surat.

Things went well after the wedding was solemnised and the newly married couple travelled back to Karnataka.

However, on the way, Swati asked to stop the car, claiming that she needed the bathroom.

When she failed to return from the bathroom, Ankit and his mother became suspicious. They began searching for her but were unsuccessful.

They also tried to phone Hitesh and Satish but their phones were switched off.

Ankit then realised it was an elaborate scam, losing Rs. 200,000.

He went to Varachha Police Station and filed a case of cheating.

A police official said: “We are close to arresting one man who had helped them, but until the kingpin Patel is found, it will be difficult to know whether the gang has conned others or not.”

There have been numerous cases of brides robbing grooms.

In one case, a woman named Pooja married Sanjay.

According to the police, the bride ran away with cash and jewellery while her in-laws were still celebrating the marriage.

The case came to light when Pradeep, a relative of Sanjay, visited the house.

He found the family lying unconscious. He immediately rushed them to a district hospital where they later woke up. At the same time, he alerted the police about the incident.

Officers arrived at the house and searched it. During the investigation, they discovered that the valuables had gone missing.

Upon recovering, Sanjay’s family confirmed that their daughter-in-law had run away with Rs. 16,000 (£185) in cash and some jewellery.

It was revealed that Pooja had drugged her in-laws by mixing it in their food and serving it to them.

It is believed that the Indian wife robbed her in-laws as she was desperate for money. Pooja came from a poor family.

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