Indian Girl beaten after Friend runs away with Boyfriend

In Bihar, a teenager ran away with her boyfriend. In a bid to find her, the girl’s family members beat her friend.

Indian Girl beaten after Friend runs away with Boyfriend f

The perpetrators also threatened to kill the victims

A police case is underway after a teenager ran away with her boyfriend.

The incident happened in the village of Mangolpur, Gopalganj, Bihar.

It was reported that in an attempt to find her, the girl’s family members kidnapped her friend and uncle and beat them.

The teenager had been in a secret relationship with Anavat Kumar. Both families did not know.

However, their families found out about the relationship when they ran away.

In a fit of anger, the girl’s family members abducted her friend and uncle in a desperate bid to find her.

The girl, Saheli, and her uncle Satyendra Kumar were taken to an unknown place and beaten whilst being interrogated about the teenager’s whereabouts.

During the beating, the perpetrators recorded the screams made by the victims.

They then sent the audio to the victims’ family. In the recording, they demanded to know the whereabouts of the two lovers.

The perpetrators also threatened to kill the victims if their demands were not met.

The victims’ family became fearful and intended to go to the police.

But they explained that when going to the police station, they were prevented from doing so by the accused’s family.

They eventually reached the police station but their complaint was not filed by officers.

The victims’ family went into Gopalganj town centre to meet with the superintendent of police. But they were told that he was not at his office, claiming that he had Covid-19.

They managed to get some good fortune when the Sadar SDPO advised them to go to the police station and file an application.

At the police station, the family filed an application and called for justice.

A case was filed and an investigation was launched.

Police located the accused and arrested them. They are now in the process of locating the two victims.

Meanwhile, the teenage girl and her boyfriend remain on the run.

In a previous incident, a husband was arrested for beating his wife and her lover.

The woman told police that she had been married to her husband since 2013 and they had a three-year-old child.

While the first few years of marriage were happy, it went downhill soon after. The couple frequently argued and disputed over various matters.

The constant rows led the woman to leave him.

In 2019, the woman met a young man and took a liking to him. They soon fell in love.

When he found out about the affair, he and several accomplices went to the lover’s house and kidnapped them both.

The victims were stripped naked, tied up and beaten with sticks.

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