Indian Husband beats Wife & Lover after Stripping Them

An Indian husband from Rajasthan launched a heinous assault on his wife and her lover. He stripped them before brutally beating the pair.

Indian Husband beats Wife & Lover after Stripping Them f

he was angered and decided to take action.

A police case has been registered against an Indian husband for beating his wife and her lover after stripping them.

The incident happened in the city of Banswara, Rajasthan.

It was reported that the unnamed man and several accomplices abducted the lovers before carrying out an attack which lasted six hours.

After the police received information about the incident, they arrived at the scene and managed to rescue the lovers.

The woman told officers that she has been married to her husband since 2013 and they had a three-year-old child.

While the first few years of marriage were happy, it went downhill soon after. The couple frequently argued and disputed over various matters.

The constant rows led the woman to leave him.

In 2019, the woman met a young man and took a liking to him. They soon fell in love.

Six months before the attack, the woman took her son and left her husband. They moved in with her lover in Chittorgarh.

When the Indian husband found out about his wife’s affair, he was angered and decided to take action.

On March 3, 2020, at around 10 pm, the man went with several accomplices to the house. They entered the house and kidnapped the two lovers.

The woman stated that she and her lover were taken to a house where they were stripped naked, tied up and beaten with sticks.

She also said that her son was taken from the house.

The woman revealed: “I was sleeping in a rented house with my boyfriend and son.”

She went on to say that she thought it was a neighbour at the door when she heard a knock. When she opened the door, her husband and seven people entered the house.

The woman said that she and her lover were also beaten in the vehicle while one of the attackers filmed the assault.

She said she was screaming but no one heard. The police were informed when a passerby witnessed the incident.

Officers from Khamera Police Station were informed about the incident and arrived at a property in Ghatol the next morning and rescued the lovers.

When making her statement, the victim accused her husband, father-in-law and several others of being responsible.

Based on the woman’s statement, an FIR was registered and four arrests were made. Police detained the husband, father-in-law and two accomplices. Meanwhile, officers are working to arrest the other suspects.

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