Indian Daughter-in-Law caught with Another Man & Beaten

In a horrific incident, an Indian daughter-in-law from Madhya Pradesh was caught with another man. As a result, she was brutally beaten.

Indian Daughter-in-Law caught with Another Man & Beaten f

the family members grabbed them and started beating them.

An Indian daughter-in-law was brutally beaten by members of her family after they caught her with another man.

It was reported that the family entered the room to find the man, named Jeetu Bhujar, engaged in sexual activity with the married woman.

The incident happened in the village of Siloli, Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.

After the family caught the two lovers, both were dragged outside the house.

The young man was tied to a tree and beaten while the woman was punched and kicked. One person even stomped on her as she laid on the ground.

Police were informed about the incident and launched an investigation.

It was revealed that the young man was having an affair with a married woman. Their illicit relationship had gone on for a significant period of time.

During the night of Saturday, December 7, 2019, the young man entered the woman’s home and made his way into her room.

The woman’s husband had reportedly been away at the time.

During the early morning, members of the family were woken to a number of sounds coming from one of the rooms.

They suspected that someone was inside the house. Other family members were called and they began searching all the rooms.

The family members eventually got to the woman’s room. They opened the door to find the Indian daughter-in-law having sex with her lover.

Horrified at seeing the lovers engaged in sexual activity, the family members grabbed them and started beating them.

The young man and woman were then dragged out of the house. As daylight appeared, the man was tied to a tree.

One family member used a belt to whip the lover and also slapped him.

Many villagers saw what was going on and gathered. While some were trying to stop the assault, many stood around and watched.

Meanwhile, the married woman was dragged by her hair and hurled to the ground, where she was punched and stomped on.

As the woman was kicked, villagers pushed the attacker away, telling him to stop.

While multiple family members were involved, it was revealed that one man carried out most of the assault.

The man was eventually convinced to stop and the assault ended. At that point, villagers helped the woman up and untied the man.

Meanwhile, the family registered a police complaint against the young man. Officers from Gormi Police Station later arrested the married woman’s lover.

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