Pakistani Dancers beat Colleague for Getting More Male Attention

In a viral video, a group of Pakistani dancers confronted and beat a single dancer for allegedly getting more attention from male guests.

Pakistani Dancers beat Colleague for Getting More Male Attention f

a dancer dressed in red begins striking her over the back.

An event in Pakistan turned violent as a group of dancers turned on one of their members and assaulted her, eventually leading to a brawl between all the performers.

The incident is believed to have happened in Karachi.

Reportedly, the group attacked one of their dancers because they were jealous of her receiving more attention and more money from the male guests.

Footage showed the brawl escalating.

After initially targeting the one dancer, they began fighting with each other.

The video showed a second fight breaking out as a few guests tried to separate the feuding women.

The camera then pans to the main brawl where the lone dancer has her hair pulled and is dragged down by another.

As she tries to free herself, a dancer dressed in red begins striking her over the back.

A third dancer rushes in to fight with the performer in red.

Guests quickly try to separate the warring performers before more fights erupt.

The DJ is seen attempting to calm the situation down whilst trying to protect his laptop from being smashed.

Although a few guests tried to pull the women apart, many remained seated and watched the chaos unfold.

According to the original post, the dancers targeted one of their colleagues because all the male guests were giving their money to her.

The viral footage led to a lot of social media reactions, with many finding the incident hilarious.

Lots of netizens posted laughing emojis and sarcastic comments.

One said: “There is no limit to talent.”

Laughing at the incident, a user wrote: “Jealousy.”

Another said the music over the video was the “perfect” choice.

However, some users were concerned, with one person asking:

“Is this for real?”

Events are no stranger to fights erupting and at a wedding in Bolton in August 2023, things descended into chaos.

CCTV footage at the Regent Hall showed guests enjoying their meal when a few men approached a seated guest and flicked his hat off.

Words were exchanged between the pair before the man slapped the seated guest.

Another man got up to defend his friend but was punched.

It soon erupted into a mass brawl, with the men fighting near their table. The cloth partition soon tore apart and the fight spilled into the women’s section as chairs and tables were smashed.

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