Indian Wife behaves Like Child after Husband beats Her

In a shocking incident, an Indian wife from Punjab was subjected to constant beatings by her husband and is now behaving like a child.

Indian Wife behaves Like Child after Husband beats Her f

he started beating her and demanding dowry.

An Indian wife was frequently beaten by her husband. The constant attacks led to her mental health deteriorating so much that she now behaves like a child.

The shocking incident happened in the city of Gurdaspur, Punjab.

The young woman felt scared around other people and hid behind her sister-in-law to feel safe. After seeing her in that state, her relatives took her to the hospital.

Doctors have started treating her but have said that she needs to see a psychiatrist to help her recover from the psychological trauma she endured.

Meanwhile, her family have registered a police complaint against the husband.

Japuwal explained that his daughter Rekha got married to a man named Mandeep in 2014. He said that the marriage was a happy one until two years ago when he started beating her and demanding dowry.

According to Japuwal, Mandeep would consume alcohol frequently before carrying out the assaults.

On numerous occasions, he would beat his wife and kick her out of the house before changing his mind and telling her to come back.

In front of high-ranking officials, Mandeep pretended that their marriage was fine until they left. He would then hit his wife.

On May 13, 2020, the domestic violence came to light when Rekha called her father, telling him that Mandeep was beating her.

When Japuwal and his family turned up at the house, he found his daughter lying unconscious on the bed while her two children were sitting near her. Mandeep was sitting on the sofa nearby.

The Indian wife eventually woke up, however, she did not recognise her family.

Due to the beatings, her mental health deteriorated to the point that she could not recognise her family and was displaying child-like behaviour.

They took her to Gurdaspur Hospital where Dr Lovepreet Singh treated her. He confirmed that the domestic violence had a huge psychological effect on her.

The treatment has started but Dr Singh said that a psychiatrist is needed to effectively help Rekha with her recovery.

The matter was registered by police. Officer-in-charge Manjeet Singh said that officers were sent to take the victim’s statement.

However, she is not in a position to give a statement, meaning that her husband has not been arrested.

Officer Singh said that action will be taken once Rekha is in a frame of mind to provide a statement.

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