Indian Bride marries Guest at Wedding after Groom runs away

In a bizarre incident, an Indian bride from Karnataka married one of her wedding guests after the original groom ran away.

Indian bride married guest

Sindhu's family resolved to find her a groom right there

In a bizarre turn of events, an Indian bride married one of the guests at her wedding after the groom ran away in Karnataka.

The incident was reported from the village of Tarikere taluk in Chikkamagaluru district.

Two brothers, Ashok and Naveen, were scheduled to get married on January 3, 2021, at the same venue.

Naveen and his to-be bride Sindhu reportedly took part in pre-wedding rituals January 2, 2021.

However, on the day of the wedding, Naveen ran away.

It was later revealed that he had a girlfriend named Tumakuru and that she threatened to take her own life.

Tumakuru had alleged that she would drink poison in front of the guests if he went through with the wedding.

Naveen decided to run away with his girlfriend and left his bride-to-be.

Sindhu was left embarrassed, heartbroken and inconsolable.

Sindhu’s family resolved to find her a groom right there and were able to find a suitable match within the guest list itself.

A guest named Chandrappa, who works as a BMC bus conductor, volunteered to marry her if both the families agreed to their union.

The day ended with Sindhu marrying Chandrappa, and Naveen’s brother Ashok tying the knot with his original bride.

In a separate incident, a groom fled his wedding only for another groom to be found in his place within two hours.

On February 25, 2020, one hour before the wedding, the groom said he had to go out, claiming that he had to run an errand.

When he did not return, his family became concerned. They tried calling him but the groom had switched off his phone.

A friend managed to speak to the groom where he admitted that he did not want to get married. The friend then informed the groom’s parents.

The bride’s family were told the news when they reached the venue.

The bride’s father, Chaudhary Saheb, was shocked to learn that there would be no procession.

Despite receiving an apology, Saheb was angered and he stated that he has been cheated.

Saheb went on to say that if the groom said he did not want to get married earlier, he would not have been so insulted.

The situation took a unique turn when one of the guests suggested for a boy from the village to get married instead.

After consent was given by both sets of families, the new groom got dressed quickly and got married two hours later.

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