Indian Groom runs off with Girlfriend on Way to His Wedding

In a bizarre incident, an Indian groom from Madhya Pradesh was on his way to his wedding when he decided to run off with his girlfriend.

Indian Groom runs off with Girlfriend on Way to His Wedding f

He managed to meet his girlfriend in the city

Usually, it is the bride who runs away on her wedding day but in this case, an Indian groom was set to get married and was on his way to the ceremony when he decided to run off with his girlfriend.

The man had travelled from his home city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, to Agra, Uttar Pradesh, for his wedding on Saturday, January 11, 2020.

However, he decided to elope with his girlfriend, leaving the bride-to-be.

Upon finding out about the man’s actions, the bride’s family were angry. The bride’s father was upset over the fact that the groom had run away.

The woman ended up getting married to another man that day. It was revealed that the marriage was arranged for January 11, 2020, even though the man had a girlfriend.

On the day of the wedding, the young man took a bus from Bhopal to Agra. After getting off the bus, he realised that he didn’t want to get married to the woman.

He managed to meet his girlfriend in the city and the two lovers ran away.

Meanwhile, the bride and her family were at the wedding venue, waiting for the groom. They patiently waited but when there was no baraat procession, the family became concerned.

The family decided to call the Indian groom where he admitted to running off with his girlfriend.

They were shocked and angered by his admission. It also left them with the problem of what was going to happen to the wedding.

The family were disappointed but at that point, a young man from the city of Etawah decided to propose to the young woman.

The woman’s family agreed to the proposal and they were married immediately.

In what was a sudden moment, the marriage put a smile back on the woman’s face. Following their marriage, the woman’s family bid farewell to their daughter.

News of the incident spread throughout the state. In the city of Bah, the marriage was discussed throughout the day.

At the same time, when locals found out what the original groom had done, they cursed at him for his actions.

While in this instance, the groom eloped, it is typically the brides who run away.

In India, it is a growing trend and there are huge expectations. However, some feel pressured by their family to get married to someone that they do not want to.

Instead of calling the wedding off, they decide to elope with their lovers on the wedding day.

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