Indian Groom allegedly ‘Murdered’ by Ex-Girlfriend

In a shocking case in Punjab, a groom who was due to get married has been found dead. His mother accuses his ex-girlfriend of murder.

Indian Groom To Be allegedly ‘Murdered’ by Ex-Girlfriend f

“Her friends threatened Sukhbir that they would kill him."

The body of Sukhbir Singh, an Indian groom who was to be married has been recovered in the Sao Colony of Sunam, in the district of Sangrur, Punjab, India.

Sukhbir was due to get married on February 26, 2020, but he did not return from an outing the night before.

He was found according to witnesses who discovered him as if he had taken his own life by hanging himself.

The mother of her only son Sukhbir does not believe this and firmly accuses his ex-girlfriend and her male friends of allegedly murdering him due to her jealousy and unacceptance of him marrying someone else.

She was busy making wedding preparations at the house with other relatives and family when the terrible news emerged about her son.

In a very distraught state, she told reporters that the Sukhbir had called her earlier on her mobile the evening before and said he was going to be back within an hour. But the groom never came back.

She said: “Four of them were guys and the fifth person was her. They called him and took him out.

“Yes, they killed my son.

“My son called me an hour before, he said mummy I will be back shortly.

“But little did I know that this witch would take my son.”

Indian Groom To Be allegedly ‘Murdered’ by Ex-Girlfriend - mother

She continued to explain that the ex-girlfriend’s male friends had threatened Sukhbir at their home about 15 days earlier. They warned him not to marry someone else because of her being in love with him, saying:

“Four of them took my son. Two of them were her close friends and the fifth was her.

“Her friends threatened Sukhbir that they would kill him.

“She used to call my son all the time, here at the house.”

Speaking about his ex-girlfriend the mother said:

“I said why would you harm my son? She replied you cannot stop him from dying.

“So, now why does she not die as well with him because she loved him so much?

“She should die as well since this woman killed my son last night.”

Sukhbir’s death has completely shocked the whole family and relatives. With a wedding being prepared for the groom, this news has left everyone distraught.

The mother has no words to tell her son’s wife to be, saying

“I was supposed to bring his wife here to this house today. What do I say to her now? [crying]”.

A neighbour called Vicky Singh told reporters:

“We heard this morning that a young man had killed himself at this spot.

“When we got here we found his body on the ground.

“It’s believed he was having a relationship with a woman from a neighbouring place and all this has happened because of this.

“It does not look like suicide but seems like it was a murder.”

Police were alerted and arrived at the scene where Sukhbir was found. After interviewing the family and locals who found him, they took groom to be Sukhbir’s body away for a post-mortem.

DSP Sukhbinderpal Singh, at the scene, said an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of Sukhbir Singh’s death.

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