Indian Groom drives Himself to His Wedding amid Curfew

An Indian groom from Punjab was spotted outdoors. It was discovered that he was driving himself to his own wedding despite the curfew.

Indian Groom drives Himself to His Wedding amid Curfew f

"Permission was given for five people."

An Indian groom drove himself to his own wedding despite the curfew in India.

The country has gone under lockdown and it has led to most things coming to a halt. Even though weddings have been postponed, some people are finding ways to make them go ahead.

This was the case for one man from Ludhiana, Punjab.

A man named Shubham drove up to a checkpoint in Sangrur on Thursday, April 2, 2020, when he was stopped by officials.

Officials saw that there were four others inside the vehicle, which had been decorated with flowers.

They asked why he was breaching the curfew. At that point, Shubham presented a letter stating that he had permission to go ahead with his wedding.

Shubham had travelled to Sangrur with the four other men.

He explained that they were given permission from a minister to take only five people to his wedding ceremony.

The Indian groom said: “There are five of us [in the car]. Permission was given for five people.

“Whatever permission they have given us we are following and will do as we have been told.”

He went on to say that permission was given to him under the condition of obeying the curfew rules, which he did.

After explaining to the officials, they allowed him to carry on with his journey.

Shubham went on to get married during a time where marriages are being called off in order to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

The groom said that everyone needs to be vigilant in order to prevent the country from suffering a health crisis.

One couple from Haryana also went ahead with their wedding. However, they took precautions by having the ceremony while socially isolating.

On Friday, March 27, 2020, the groom, Pawan had the baraat procession with just five people. They travelled in separate cars to the wedding.

When the wedding was arranged, approximately 500 relatives and friends had been invited but due to the Coronavirus and India’s subsequent lockdown, they had no choice but to reduce the number of guests.

They decided to have a simple wedding instead.

During the wedding ceremony, he and the bride wore masks. Guests were instructed to use hand sanitiser upon entering the venue.

Following the wedding, the small number of guests abided by the social isolation rules by congratulating the newly-married couple from a distance of two metres.

The married couple told their guests to follow the lockdown rules.

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