New Zealand man has Indian Wedding despite Janta Curfew

A man from New Zealand got married in a traditional ceremony, however, he breached the rules as it was during the Janta Curfew.

New Zealand man has Indian Wedding despite Janta Curfew f

Despite the curfew, Prabhjot went to get married

A police case has been registered against a New Zealand-based man after he got married during the Janta Curfew.

The man, identified as Prabhjot Singh, is originally from Sangrur, Punjab, but lives in New Zealand.

He travelled to India for his wedding, however, it was on March 22, 2020, when the Janta Curfew was implemented.

Despite the government rule, he breached it by having his wedding take place. Prabhjot travelled with five other people to the wedding venue.

Bhawanigarh Police Station in-charge Ramandeep Singh explained that Prabhjot had violated government orders.

Health officials instructed citizens to stay at home in order to combat the spread of Coronavirus. The Janta Curfew was implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It was essentially a self-curfew in order to test social isolation. The concept was implemented on March 22, 2020.

PM Modi appealed to all citizens to stay indoors from 7 am to 9 pm to reduce the risk of spreading the deadly virus.

He also requested them to stand on balconies and near windows to clap and ring bells to praise the emergency services who are on the frontline fighting against COVID-19.

In a Tweet, PM Modi said: “Let us all be a part of this curfew, which will add tremendous strength to the fight against the COVID-19 menace.

“The steps we take now will help in the times to come.”

Despite the curfew, Prabhjot went to get married and travelled with five guests.

Following his wedding, Prabhjot and his new wife returned to their family homes.

The police heard about the safety breach and have now registered a case against Prabhjot.

The Coronavirus has led to some flights being cancelled and gatherings to be banned. However, in Jalalabad, Punjab, locals were left worried after a Canadian national was in the area.

The person was a relative of a resident named Hajibetu.

Police were informed about the person and they soon arrived at the scene. As a precaution, they sent the Canadian national to the hospital for tests.

Vishal Kumar explained that neither the family nor the national had informed the civil administration about foreign arrival.

It was reported that the person did not tell doctors that he was from Canada.

Following the incident, DSP Bhupinder Singh said that police officers are now posted outside the home while the citizen is being visited by doctors at the house.

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