Bradford Weight Trainer jailed for Drug Offences

A weight trainer from Bradford has been jailed for drug offences. The offences relate to the trafficking of heroin and cocaine.

Bradford Weight Trainer jailed for Drug Offences f

DNA matching Rabnawaz was found on the drugs' wrapping

Sarfaraz Rabnawaz, aged 34, of Manningham, Bradford, was jailed for six and a half years for drug offences. The weight trainer trafficked cocaine and heroin.

He ran the Body Fuel Supplements shop on Lilycroft Road.

Bradford Crown Court heard that he was caught with a stash of Class A drugs in a VW Touran on December 23, 2017, along with criminal money totalling £4,544.

Giles Bridge, prosecuting, explained that 40 wraps of crack cocaine worth £309 and 39 wraps of heroin worth £249 were seized by police.

The offences came to light as part of Operation Larkminster when officers searched Rabnawaz’s then address in Chatsworth Place, after obtaining a search warrant in relation to the Firearms Act.

No firearms were found but there was cash in the house and the keys to the Touran that was parked nearby.

DNA matching Rabnawaz was found on the drugs’ wrapping and a “burner” phone linked to him contained text messages about drug dealing.

Rabnawaz initially denied any wrongdoing but then pleaded guilty to possession of the drugs with intent to supply and money laundering.

He was also sentenced for a conspiracy to supply Class A drug that was committed with taxi driver Khuram Riaz, who was jailed for five years at an earlier hearing.

Riaz was caught delivering one kilogram of heroin worth £25,000 to Rabnawaz at his business.

On July 2, 2018, at 3 pm, Riaz had to be subdued by police officers when he tried to escape.

He claimed that he was in Bradford to buy steroids and protein shakes from Rabnawaz but was found guilty.

Riaz said he thought the arresting officers were robbers because they wore masks and baseball caps. He was scared and tried to run away.

Plainclothes officers had been watching the Body Fuel Supplements shop when a white BMW 1-Series driven by Riaz parked up on Nearcliffe Road.

The weight trainer was seen running from the shop to the parked car and returning with a plastic bag wrapped in a coat.

Police recovered the drugs from a jacket found in a storeroom inside the shop. It was 976 grams of heroin at 52% purity.

Rabnawaz pleaded guilty to the conspiracy.

He was previously jailed in May 2014 for three years and four months for 13 drug offences.

Mr Bridge stated that Rabnawaz had played a significant role, being trusted to look after the heroin.

Rabnawaz appeared for sentenced on a video link. On April 1, 2020, he was jailed for six and a half years.

The Telegraph and Argus reported that Mr Bridge requested a timetable to be set for a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

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