Indian Wedding takes place using Social Isolation

A wedding took place in the Indian state of Haryana, however, it was a unique one as the ceremony happened using social isolation.

Indian Wedding takes place using Social Isolation f

During the wedding ceremony, he and the bride wore masks.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to lockdown in many areas, with citizens told to practice social isolation by staying indoors.

While many things in India have come to a stop, one thing that is continuing are weddings. People continue to get married but are taking extra precautions to avoid any health risks.

In the village of Gangwa, Haryana, a couple got married while socially isolating.

On Friday, March 27, 2020, the groom, Pawan had the baraat procession with just five people. They travelled in separate cars to the wedding.

When the wedding was arranged, approximately 500 relatives and friends had been invited but due to the Coronavirus and India’s subsequent lockdown, they had no choice but to reduce the number of guests.

They decided to have a simple wedding instead.

During the wedding ceremony, he and the bride wore masks. Guests were instructed to use hand sanitiser upon entering the venue.

Following the wedding, the small number of guests abided by the social isolation rules by congratulating the newly-married couple from a distance of two metres.

The married couple told their guests to follow the lockdown rules.

Despite the nationwide lockdown, people are finding new ways of ensuring that weddings go ahead. Many are taking extra precautions to ensure that they do not increase the likelihood of contracting Coronavirus.

One of the most common ways is by wearing masks during wedding ceremonies.

In one case, a Mumbai-based couple arranged for masks to be present at their wedding for their guests.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had said: “We want to appeal to the public to postpone marriages.”

Despite his instructions, the marriage went ahead. The bride, groom and guests were seen at the ceremony wearing masks.

The married couple stated that their wedding also served as a message to people to take safety precautions during these difficult times.

During the wedding, both sets of families greeted each other from a further distance than usual.

It was revealed that the bride and groom wanted to postpone their wedding, but they decided to go through with it.

Prior to the severity of the Coronavirus, 800 people were invited to the wedding. However, only 100 people turned up.
Minister Pawar was aware of the wedding and appealed for less people to attend it.

Everyone at the wedding wore masks. Extra efforts were also made to clean the venue.

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