Fusion Artist Rita Morar releases EP ‘Blossoms In Isolation’

Talented musician and fusion artist, Rita Morar has combined eastern and western sounds to create her latest EP ‘Blossoms In Isolation.’

Rita Morar release EP 'Blossons In Isolation' f

“This EP explores isolation, loss, frustration, happiness, sadness"

South Asian artist, Rita Morar, who is known for her versatility and fusion sound released her EP (extended play) Blossoms In Isolation (2020).

Having been in the music industry for more than 20 years, Rita has captivated audiences with over one million in her career. She has also been included in the Official Charts.

Audiences enjoy her fusion singing in English and Hindi. They have had the pleasure of watching her perform at over a thousand live events.

These include some of the most renowned UK music platforms like Glastonbury, Jazz Café, 1xtra Live lounge and Festival Hall to name a few.

Rita’s EP Blossoms in Isolation features six tracks which express an array of emotions as well as combining a fusion of sounds.

Rita Morar release EP 'Blossons In Isolation' - rita

The six single are ‘Blossoms In Isolation’, ‘Lean On Me’, ‘If Stars Align’ (Piano Interlude), ‘Adversity’, ‘This Is Love’ and ‘If The Stars Align’.

Rita’s EP Blossoms In Isolation consists of instrumentals including the piano played by the talented artist herself.

Interestingly, Rita Morar created her latest EP earlier this year during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Combining her unique sound to express new emotions during an unprecedented time with her lyrics allows Rita to share these relatable feelings and thoughts.

Speaking further about this, Rita Morar exclusively told DESIblitz:

“The listener can expect to hear and relate to everything they have experienced in lockdown from their own emotions or to people around them.

“This EP explores isolation, loss, frustration, happiness, sadness; the list can go on.

“How the listener interprets each song to their own experiences is what counts.”

Rita Morar continued to reveal how she was professionally and personally affected by the lockdown. She said:

“Professionally, I was feeling frustrated as an artist because of the restrictions and plans being cancelled.

“Also, not being able to see my team physically being together with them in the studio to create.

“Personally, I was missing all my loved ones and I was just trying to process these new feelings that this pandemic brought on to not only me, but everyone around the world.

“These were all the feeling and emotions that I put into each of the six tracks in the EP, bringing it together through songs/music creating blossoms in isolation.”

Rita Morar release EP 'Blossons In Isolation' - rita2

Blossoms In Isolation released on Friday, 9 October 2020 a day before World Mental Health Day on Saturday, 10 October 2020.

Rita Morar explained the importance of this great timing. She said:

“It’s extremely important to understand that the whole world is going through mixed emotions due to the pandemic and lockdown.

“There is no right or wrong answer to how we individually should be feeling. But what is most important is that we recognise that it is okay not to be okay.

“It is okay to show your true feelings of how you’re feeling to those around you. But at the same time, it’s vital to spot signs of your loved ones who have changed their behaviour because of what they are feeling.

“Recognising the signs, being gentle and having compassion is really the key.”

Understandably, the lockdown has been a difficult time for many people. We asked Rita Morar for her advice for someone who is struggling. She shared:

“What I would say is to keep reminding yourself to be gentle with what you are feeling and to honour it.

“Rather than sitting on social media all day long, make plans to call a loved one, schedule a catch up with friends, watch a movie online with your friends and family.

“Plan your day so you know what you are looking forward to but if you want time out, honour that too.

“There are so many things that can help us overcome the feeling of distance and solitude.”

Rita Morar release EP 'Blossons In Isolation' - track list

Rita has collaborated with some fantastic artists on her EP Blossoms In Isolation. These include the producer and percussionist Shri Gadhvi, Young Valli, Kid Music and Freeza.

We asked Rita what it was like to work alongside these amazing artists. She replied:

“I learnt from each and every one of them it was truly amazing. Shri Gadhvi was a joy to work with.

“He took my piano demo under his wing and then produced music that not only complimented by music, but brought out the raw emotion that everyone could connect to when listening to the song ‘Blossoms In Isolation.’

“He took it to another level by bringing in bansuri flute maestro, Robin Christian too. Absolutely speechless.

“I also collaborated with an upcoming artist called Young Valli. YV brought fire to B.I.I not only did he feature on two tracks ‘Lean On Me’ and ‘If The Stars Align’, he co-produced and basically was hands-on throughout the whole project.

“He played a pivotal role for me to push the project in the right direction until completion.

“He also brought in Kid Music to produce ‘If The Stars Align’ and boy did he deliver!

“Switched up the groove, brought the deep bass in and a flurry of emotions that made this perfect track to end the EP making the listener and even us yearn for more.

“All these artists are amazing in their own right. But I truly am grateful that our paths crossed because without them I wouldn’t have been here today talking to you about my EP.”

Speaking about which track is her current favourite, Rita revealed:

“Gosh, this is such a hard one because they are all my babies and amazing in their own right!

“If anything, the one that I currently have on loop is ‘Adversity’ – purely because I’m frustrated that a second lockdown may be coming!”

Rita Morar’s fusion of eastern and western sounds and collaborations with various artists are certainly worth a listen in her EP Blossoms In Isolation.

Watch Rita Morar’s EP Blossoms In Isolation Live Launch Release


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