Indian Woman reaches Police Station holding Severed Ear

An Indian woman from Uttar Pradesh turned up at the police station demanding a case to be registered. At the same time, she was holding her severed ear.

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"A woman attacked me with a knife and chopped off my ear."

An Indian woman in her 30s left police officers shocked when she turned up at a police station holding her severed ear.

The woman, from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, entered the superintendent of police’s office and demanded an FIR to be registered against her attackers.

The victim, identified as Gayatri Devi, told officers that a dispute with her neighbours led to her being attacked.

She was attacked with a knife, resulting in part of her left ear being cut off.

Gayatri explained that the incident took place on February 25, 2020.

Following her statement, senior police officials ordered officers to launch an investigation in order to look into the allegations.

One police officer said: “We have initiated a probe and based on the merits of the findings, an FIR will be registered.”

It was reported that Gayatri alleged that two people were responsible for the attack.

The Indian woman said that she initially went to the local police to file a complaint, however, they refused. This prompted her to go to the Superintendent’s office.

In her complaint, Gayatri said:

“On February 25, my neighbours barged into our residence and attacked us.

“A woman attacked me with a knife and chopped off my ear. When we approached local police to register an FIR, they refused.

The Times of India reported that Meerut Superintendent Akhilesh Narayan Singh said that an FIR will be registered once they gather relevant evidence and information.

He stated:

“We are in the process of registering the FIR based on the complaint of the victim.”

The investigation is ongoing in order to find out what the dispute was about and why it led to extreme violence.

Disputes in India are common, however, so are violent attacks.

Violence and murder stemming from disputes are unfortunately prevalent and it is usually between people who know each other well. In some cases, it involves family members.

In one case, a man regularly argued with his father over the ownership of a house. Sonu Kumar had demanded his father to transfer the ancestral home into his home but he refused.

He then enlisted the help of his cousin and the pair beat the victim to death. They later buried him in the courtyard of his house.

When a missing persons’ complaint was registered, Sonu was identified as a suspect due to the fact that he quarrelled with his father regularly.

On the basis of this suspicion, police bought in Kumar for questioning who confessed to murdering his father with the intention of obtaining the property and burying his body in the courtyard.

Police searched the courtyard and found Mr Singh’s body on January 6, 2019. Both Sonu and his cousin were subsequently arrested.

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