Indian Doctor kills his Driver and puts Body Parts in Acid

Dr Sunil Mantri killed his driver, chopped his body up and then put the remains in acid. The driver suspected the Indian doctor had an affair with his wife.

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"The driver suspected Mantri was in an illicit relationship with his wife."

Dr Sunil Mantri, aged 56, of Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, was arrested on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, for murdering his driver.

He later chopped the body up and put the remains in acid in a bid to destroy the evidence.

The victim, Virendra Pachauri, aged 30, suspected the doctor was having an affair with his wife.

He had made numerous threats to his employer, who works as a medical officer at Government Civil Hospital in Itarsi town, to stay away from his wife.

The alleged affair began after the wife of Dr Mantri died in 2017. Superintendent of Police Arvind Saxena said:

“Mantri’s wife used to run a boutique at their home. However, after her death, Pachauri’s wife started running it.

“The driver suspected Mantri was in an illicit relationship with his wife and so he allowed her to run it.”

According to Superintendent Saxena, Sunil tried to calm Mr Pachauri down by hiring him as his driver. However, that did not stop him from threatening the doctor to stay away.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the police received information about “suspicious activities” at Dr Mantri’s residence. Saxena added:

“On reaching his place, the police team found the doctor very restless and spotted blood on the floor. Shocked to find the police at his residence, he admitted to the crime.”

Dr Mantri admitted that he had planned to kill his driver a long time ago. He even stored a drum full of acid and hand-saws at his home.

On Monday, February 4, 2019, when Virendra complained of a toothache, Mantri sedated him. He then slit his throat.

After killing the driver, Dr Mantri dragged the body to the bathroom where he chopped it into several small pieces with a saw.

Dr Mantri began disposing of the body parts in containers filled with acid. After decomposing the pieces, the doctor flushed them down the toilet.

However, the smell alerted a neighbour who then alerted the police.

Police raided the house the next morning to find Mantri placing more body parts in the acid. Saxena said:

“In the morning, he disposed of Pachauri’s clothes between Hoshangabad and Itarsi.

“Around noon, he started putting the body parts into the acid to destroy the evidence. However, he was caught red-handed by police.

“A dozen large pieces of the body and several small pieces were found there.”

Police seized an acid cane and four saws from the residence. Although they recovered most of the body parts, it has been difficult preserving them as they were dipped in acid.

Officers now plan to excavate the sewage line in order to recover the remaining body parts.

According to Dr Mantri’s confession, he killed his driver so he could continue his relationship with Virendra’s wife.

It has been reported that Virendra’s wife may have been involved in the murder and is set to be questioned.

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