Indian Couple kill Uber Driver and Dump his Chopped Body

A couple has been arrested after sedating and strangling an Uber driver to death. The accused also chopped up the body, dumping the remains in a drain.

Indian Couple kill Uber Driver and Dump his Chopped Body f

"For the past few months, the accused was out of work and was in debt."

Farhat Ali, aged 34, and Seema Sharma, 30, both from Uttar Pradesh, were arrested on Sunday, February 3, 2019, for kidnapping, robbing and dismembering the body of an Uber driver.

The victim was identified as Ram Govind, from East Delhi. This is after his wife filed a missing report on January 29, 2019.

She approached the police and informed them that her husband had been missing from the night before.

Investigating officials stated that Govind was found to have been abducted and a case of kidnapping was registered.

Investigations found that the last ride of the cab was booked from Madangir to Kapashera border. From then on, the GPS stopped working.

CCTV footage identified Ali and Sharma looking around inside of the vehicle. They had taken mobile phones belonging to the victim.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijayanta Arya said:

“With the help of technical surveillance, the mobile of Govind was recovered and the police teams found a couple moving around the cab on the Mehrauli-Gurugram road.”

The police arrested Ali and Sharma. They told police that they had booked the Uber from Mehrauli-Gurugram road to go to Ghaziabad, where they were staying. Arya told:

“As per their plan, they invited the taxi driver to their home to have a cup of tea in which they mixed sedatives.

“When Govind lost consciousness they strangled him with a rope. They then left the dead body in their room and took the car, and started moving towards Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh.

“They hid the car in front of a temple in Dalpatpura area of Moradabad.”

Ali and Sharma returned home the next day and the chopped the body into parts using cutters.

They then wrapped it in three separate parts and dumped it in a drain near Gaur City, Greater Noida.

Ali told police the whereabouts of the vehicle and the body parts. Arya added:

“The robbed mobile phones, Hyundai Xcent car of the deceased, murder weapon including cutter and razor as well as two bags containing body parts of the deceased was recovered.”

The police were told that the motive for the crime was due to Ali’s desperate need for money.

The Deputy Commissioner said: “Farhat Ali used to work as a quack and wanted to open his own clinic near the rural area of Meharuli-Gurugram road.

“For the past few months, the accused was out of work and was in debt. Seema Sharma is married but currently living separately in Ghaziabad on rent since last two months.

“The accused Farhat was previously involved in two cases including a rape case in Amroha area of Uttar Pradesh.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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