Indian Wife told ‘Bring Parent’s Money’ to Raise Daughter

An Indian wife from Gujarat was told by her in-laws to bring money from her parent’s house in order to raise her daughter.

Indian Wife told 'Bring Parent's Money' to Raise Daughter f

They would even harass her over petty issues.

An Indian wife from Gujarat has filed a police complaint against her in-laws, accusing them of demanding for her to bring her parent’s money to raise her daughter.

In what is believed to be a case of preference for a son, Kamla Vaghela, a 33-year-old from the village of Isanpur, Ahmedabad, lodged a complaint at Mahila Police Station on January 2, 2020.

She alleged that they asked her to bring money as she had not given birth to a son.

In the FIR, Kamla has identified her husband Jinesh, father-in-law Mahendra, mother-in-law Rekhaben, sister-in-laws Kiranben and Sheetal, uncle-in-law Bharat and aunt-in-law Hansaben as the accused.

Kamla got married to Jinesh in 2008. She first gave birth to a boy and in 2011, she gave birth to a daughter.

However, her in-laws were not happy with the fact that her second child was a girl.

The FIR stated that Kamla’s in-laws told her to bring money from her parent’s house to raise the child since she was a girl.

Police officers have said that Kamla also alleged that her in-laws would physically and mentally abuse her on a regular basis. They would even harass her over petty issues.

The FIR revealed that the Indian wife suffered a serious injury at the hands of her husband.

In May 2017, Kamla and Jinesh had been travelling to a wedding ceremony in Bagodara on a motorcycle.

The journey ended with Kamla falling off the bike and injuring herself.

It was discovered that Jinesh had deliberately pulled her off the bike, however, the reason is unknown.

Kamla was taken to a hospital. She intended to file a complaint against her husband but later changed her mind when Jinesh apologised and vowed to take care of her.

A police officer explained: “She has claimed in the FIR that she was then admitted to a private hospital in Surendranagar.

“At that time she wanted to lodge a police complaint but later abandoned her decision as her husband promised to take good care of her.”

Kamla also stated in the FIR that she has been living at her parent’s house since October 2019 due to the harassment she is being subjected to.

As a result of her ordeal, she decided to lodge a police complaint.

Officers have said that they are verifying the details mentioned in the FIR.

The Times of India reported that they will take action against the accused once they have gathered sufficient evidence.

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