Indian Man wearing Salwar Suit to meet a Woman beaten

An Indian man from Rajasthan wore a salwar suit whilst on his way to meet a woman. However, a mob grabbed the man and beat him.

Indian Man wearing Salwar Suit to meet a Woman beaten f

the mob grabbed him while others brutally beat him.

A man wearing a salwar suit planned to meet a woman but was beaten by a group of people.

The incident happened on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at around 11 am in Ganesh Nagar, Rajasthan.

The man, identified as Mehmed Iqbal, turned up in the area wearing a salwar suit. He took a taxi to meet a female friend.

As he made his way to the meeting point, several local women were suspicious of the way he was walking.

Mehmed reached a bus stand and at that point, the women recognised him as a child kidnapper. They told some of the men in the area and they confronted him.

They questioned Mehmed about his alleged crimes.

However, when he did not provide an answer, some of the mob grabbed him while others brutally beat him. The assault left him with serious injuries.

Meanwhile, some locals filmed the beating and shared it on social media.

Police were informed about the matter and immediately turned up at the scene. They managed to rescue Mehmed from the crowd and took him to the police station.

During questioning, Mehmed told police that people in the area suspected him of being a child kidnapper.

He had travelled to the area after being invited to meet his friend.

Mehmed explained that he wore a salwar suit as a disguise so that it would prevent him from being recognised.

However, his disguise failed as some women noticed the distinct way he was walking.

There have been numerous cases in India of mobs taking matters into their own hands after suspecting a person of a crime, whether it is true or not.

In one incident, eight men were arrested for beating a man whom they wrongly thought was a child lifter.

The victim was identified as Azad. He had been out selling herbs when some locals mistakingly suspected him of being a child lifter and beat him.

According to officers, the assault occurred after locals discovered that Azad looked like one of the suspected child-lifters in the area.

The incident was filmed and the video went online. Police officers took notice of the video and identified eight of the attackers.

Superintendent Akhilesh Narayan Singh said: “A video of the incident went viral on social media platforms.

“We identified the accused seen in the video and arrested them.”

Azad also registered a police complaint against the Indian men. The men have been identified as Nazim, Nadeem, Pawan, Shahzad, Imran, Anas, Avneesh and Mustaji.

After the eight men were taken into custody, Meerut police requested people not to take matters into their own hands.

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