Indian Groom’s Friends gift Sex Sofa on Wedding Stage

An Indian couple got married but one wedding gift gave them a shock as the groom’s friends unveiled a sex sofa.

Indian Groom's Friends gift Sex Sofa on Wedding Stage f

"Can people step lower than this?”

An Indian couple got a shock at their wedding when the groom’s friends gifted them a sex sofa.

The piece of furniture is designed to accommodate and enhance intimate moments.

Typically curved with padding, the sofa aims to elevate comfort and versatility for couples during sex.

A video of the gift unveiling showed the men bringing the sofa onto the stage. Meanwhile, the bride and groom look intrigued to see what it is.

The men place the sofa down and are excited to show the newlyweds.

They wait a short while before removing the covering, revealing the sexual present.

While the groom nervously smiles, his wife does not look impressed. The man’s friends laugh at the situation.

The video ends with the group appearing to pose for a picture with the sex sofa.

As the clip went viral, social media users criticised the groom’s friends for giving such a gift, stating that it likely left the couple feeling embarrassed.

A user named Nikhil Gupta shared the clip and wrote:

“Sexualising your friend’s wife in front of her family on her once-in-a-lifetime moment. Can people step lower than this?”

Another said: “I saw this reel. To be honest, I don’t like this type of joke. especially in front of family.”

Calling the gift inappropriate, one person said:

“Disgusting! In the name of modernity, people are free to do any misadventure.”

Many said it was disgusting that the friends decided to gift a sex sofa, especially because they presented it on stage in front of the couple’s family.

However, some decided to treat the matter diplomatically, with one saying:

“Maybe the bride is also cool with it, let’s not judge.”

Another did not see a problem with the gifting of the sex sofa.

“I think it’s okay! Modernisation of everything is taking place so the family can change mindsets too.”

Nikhil posted:

“I am so glad that almost 90% agree that this is a disgrace.”

“For the rest 10%, I just wanna say, just think of a scenario where your sister or daughter is getting such a gift in front of hundreds of people and if it is acceptable for you then good for you, I am wrong.”

One person even claimed that a similar incident almost happened to his friend at her wedding, writing:

“This is what a few of my friends (not anymore) suggested we give our friend at her wedding last year.

“And they blatantly shared the same reel in the group she’s also a part of, making jokes about how few of us didn’t let them gift her this for the wedding. Just pathetic!!”

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