Indian Boy gouges Sister’s Eyes Out for Buying Rs 100 Dress

In a brutal incident, an Indian boy gouged out his sister’s eyes after she went out and bought a dress which cost Rs. 100.

Indian Boy gouges Sister's Eyes Out for Buying Rs 100 Dress f

the Indian boy abused and threatened to attack them.

A 17-year-old Indian boy in Delhi carried out a horrific attack on his elder sister when he became angry at her for buying a dress worth Rs. 100 (£1.20).

According to the Delhi Commission of Women, the teenager tortured his sister and gouged out her eyes.

The family are from Bihar but they live near Dwarka in Delhi. On Tuesday, August 13, 2019, the DCW had been on a routine visit to the area when the 20-year-old woman was rescued.

The boy’s brutal actions came to light when members of the DCW heard the victim’s screams during their door-to-door visit to the area.

When DCW officials asked the neighbours about the screams, they explained that the teenage boy abuses and beats up his sisters on a regular basis.

After gathering the information, the officials called up the DCW’s office and went to the house.

When they tried to enter, the Indian boy abused and threatened to attack them. Despite the threats, the officials managed to enter the house and found the young woman on the floor.

She was covered in blood and her face was swollen from the injuries she suffered at the hands of her brother.

Her brother had locked her in the house and refused to provide any medical help despite the injuries.

The victim was taken to Safdarjung Hospital where she underwent treatment. She remains in a critical condition and is in a state of trauma.

Doctors have said that they are waiting for the swelling to go down so that they can properly assess the severity of damage to her eyes.

DCW Chairperson Swati Maliwal visited the young woman in the hospital and is paying attention to her condition.

The commission has informed her parents about the incident. They were in Bihar at the time and after hearing about what happening, they returned to Delhi.

The DCW has also told the police. They have urged the local SHO to take action against the boy.

It was revealed that the boy is one of four siblings. The DCW learnt that this was not the first time he has abused his elder sister. He is also violent towards his two younger siblings on a regular basis.

According to India Today, his eight-year-old sister told the commission that her brother attacked her a day before he gouged out their elder sister’s eyes.

The DCW said that there were visible bite bites on her hands.

The commission went to court to seek compensation for the victim and is also providing support for her.

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