Is Changing the Colour of Your Eyes Possible?

The eyes are known as the window to the soul. But what if you are happy with the colour of your eyes? Is there a possible way of permanently changing this?

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"Less risky than the placement of coloured implants"

For years people have been purchasing coloured contact lenses to temporarily change the colour of their eyes. A trend that has been very popular amongst Desi women, especially.

However, what if you wanted to permanently change the colour of your eyes? Would this be possible?

This is where Neoris keratopigmention comes into play for people hoping to achieve permanent eye colour change.

Typically, one’s eye colour is determined by the genetic make-up of their parents’ genes, and the iris (the coloured portion of the eye) can be green, brown, blue, hazel or even a mixture of colours.

To find out more about the possibility of changing the colour of your eyes permanently, DESIblitz exclusively spoke to the Neoris team in France to explore the procedure, its cost and how safe it is to your eyesight.


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The procedure of Neoris keratopigmentation is described as a “fully controllable and safe method.”

Using state-of-the-art technology, ophthalmologists can help you achieve the eye colour you have always wanted.

When asked what the process of Neoris keratopigmentation involves, the team explained:

“This method of eye surgery consists of applying a pigment into the cornea via a circular micro-tunnel made with a femtosecond laser.

“It does not involve a permanent alteration of any intraocular foreign object.

“Is it, therefore, much less risky than the placement of coloured implants which often leads to serious complications and even less so than the de-pigmentation of the iris which produces inefficient results and leads to a risk of glaucoma.”

The team then told us how quickly the process can be executed, saying:

“Precise and perfectly mastered by our surgeons, the surgical intervention is performed in a single one-hour session. The results are immediate.

“Your vision is good even immediately after the operation and it is completely normal the next day.”

“The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic which is administered by putting a few drops of anaesthetic directly on the surface of the eyes.”

The idea of putting your trust and essentially eyes into the care of someone can be quite nerve-wracking.

Yet, this process of permanently changing your eye colour is carried out by highly trained professionals.

“Neoris keratopigmention is performed exclusively by surgeons who are members of the Neoris Alliance.

“They all received a keratopigmentation training from Dr Ferrari and have all the compulsory insurances.

“They operate in French clinics equipped with advanced instruments which make the application of the Neoris operating protocol possible.”


Is Changing the Colour of Your Eyes Possible? - cost

Any form of cosmetic surgery is typically paid for by the individual, therefore, like any other procedure, we wanted to know what the cost would be for customers looking to change the colour of their eyes.

Initially for those who are interested in Neoris keratopigmention “a free compulsory check-up is scheduled between 3 and 6 months after surgery.”

The operation costs “€7,200 (£6,049.58) including VAT” and this must be paid “eight days before the operation” is due to take place.

If after the procedure people are not satisfied with their initial choice of colour intensity the “option to change the intensity of the colour costs €990 (£831.98).”

For a Neoris patient from London, United Kingdom it was money well spent. Carmel H. said:

“This is one of the best things I have ever done. My eyes are beautiful.”


Is Changing the Colour of Your Eyes Possible? - safety

Neoris keratopigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that has been around since 2013. But how safe is it? Does the procedure introduce side effects?

The team explained that patients have not suffered from any complications, saying:

“Since 2013, Neoris keratopigmentation has been carried out several times per week. To this day, none of our patients have experienced any complications.”

Unfortunately, Neoris keratopigmentation cannot be performed on all types of eyes.

Certain guidelines must be adhered to in order to ascertain who is suitable for the procedure. The team revealed:

“Generally speaking, the Neoris operation is carried out on healthy eyes. Patients with corneal disorders cannot undergo the operation.

“Patients who have undergone a corneal transplant or radial keratotomy cannot be operated on using the Neoris technique.

“100%. All patients are satisfied there have never been any complications, unlike our ‘competitors’. They are all satisfied and very impressed with the results.”

Selecting an Eye Colour

Is Changing the Colour of Your Eyes Possible? - change

Deciding whether you want to change the colour of your eyes is dependent on the individual’s self-preference.

The warmth of a deep brown, the vibrancy of a bright blue and the intensity of a luscious green – the choice is certainly challenging.

The Neoris team says that usually it “concerns people who feel bad about themselves and want a new colour for their eyes.”

Once you have made this decision, then comes the difficult decision of selecting the eye colour you want.

Neoris has devised a computerised method that can help patients see which colour and what intensity would suit them.

“At Neoris, we propose one or more computer simulations so that you can choose from 5 hues and 3 colour intensities.

Despite this not being a mandatory step, it can help patients make an informed decision. They said:

“While the simulations are not compulsory for the operation, they can guide you in making the right choice.”

We also asked the Neoris team which is the most popular colour patients usually opt for. They disclosed:

“In 80% of cases, patients want to change for (the) Blue Riviera colour.”

We are aware that cosmetic surgery can sometimes end-up not as expected. Therefore, we asked the Neoris team whether they have ever faced a negative reaction for this process. They said:

“No, we’ve never had a bad reaction from our patients. This can happen from outsiders who are against cosmetic surgery.”

It is important to know this method of permanently changing your eye colour is carried out by Neoris in France.

They believe “your eyes are the mirror of your soul, reflections of your feelings and a means of seduction” thus if you are not satisfied with your eye colour you have the option to change it.

To see more of their work, follow Neoris on their website.

Watch the Video to see the Process of Neoris Keratopigmentation


Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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