Pakistani Lady beats Salesgirl in Mall for Not Having Mirror

A video has circulated of a Pakistani lady beating up a salesgirl at a shopping mall in Lahore because she did not have a mirror.

Pakistani Lady beats Salesgirl in Mall for Not Having Mirror f

"A salesgirl at Packages Mall was beaten up by this brutal woman"

A Pakistani lady identified as Sadaf Tariq was arrested on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, for beating up a salesgirl.

A video of the incident went viral and it is believed that Tariq attacked the shop worker for not having a mirror. The incident happened at Packages Mall in Lahore. The victim was identified as Analiza.

Factory Area police arrested Tariq and took her into custody for torturing the young woman.

It was heard that Tariq had gone into the makeup shop where Analiza worked.

The suspect asked for a lipstick which the salesgirl handed to her. Tariq then asked Analiza to bring her a mirror so that she could see how it looked on her.

However, the shop worker explained that she did not have one and suggested that Tariq take one from another counter.

The Pakistani lady then insisted that she bring one to her.

Once again, Analiza said she could not and explained that she was not allowed to leave her counter while working.

Tariq then lost her temper and grabbed the victim by her hair. She then dragged her across the floor.

The incident was filmed by a shopper and shared on social media. The caption read:

“A salesgirl at Packages Mall was beaten up by this brutal woman just because she said she doesn’t have a mirror!

“What is wrong with people these days???”

In the footage, Tariq can be seen dragging the saleswoman by her hair while other workers and shoppers are trying to stop the assault. Witnesses have gathered around the scene.

The woman is also seen shouting at the other workers and ordering Analiza to apologise.

The video was retweeted over 600 times and attracted the attention of the Punjab Police. They quickly stated that the suspect would be arrested as soon as possible.

Watch the Disturbing Footage of the Pakistani Lady attacking the Salesgirl

Officers later confirmed that Tariq was arrested and a case was registered.

The Tribune reported that in the police report, members of the mall’s security management alleged that Tariq also attacked them with a paper-cutter.

This is not the first time that tempers have escalated in shopping centres in Lahore.

In 2018, a video of two women being beaten by shopkeepers for allegedly shoplifting went viral on social media.

They had allegedly tried to steal a piece of cloth when they were caught. Firstly, the women were slapped before they were hit with a bamboo stick.

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