Indian Lecturer hangs Herself & Husband dies in Front of Train

In a tragic incident, an Indian lecturer from Punjab took her own life by hanging herself. Her husband later died after being struck by a train.

Indian Lecturer's Wife hangs Herself & He dies in Front of Train f

this led to regular arguments between the couple.

Two cases of suicide were registered after an Indian lecturer and her husband were found dead.

The couple, who lived in Jalandhar, Punjab, took their own lives following a dispute with each other.

It was reported that the woman hung herself on May 11, 2020, while her husband jumped in front of a train the next day.

The woman was identified as Asma Rana while her husband was named Vikas Rana.

Her father had heard about the suicide and travelled from his home in Raiya, Himachal Pradesh. When he discovered that Vikas was missing, he registered a police case against him.

A police search was conducted, however, officers soon found his body and confirmed that he had also committed suicide.

Roop Lal Kalia explained that his daughter got married to Vikas, a textile business owner, in 2008. At the time, Asma was a lecturer at Lovely Professional University in Phagwara.

The couple had two daughters. Asma then left her job and started a new role at ABJ College.

However, their daughters were left alone at home due to Asma teaching and Vikas working at his business.

Due to not spending enough time with their children, Asma quit her job in March 2019 so that she could be with her daughters. But Vikas was unhappy with his wife’s decision and began pressuring her to return to her job.

Roop said that this led to regular arguments between the couple.

He said that on the evening of May 11, the Indian lecturer visited her husband at his shop and told him that she did not want to return to work. This resulted in an argument which left Asma upset.

During the night, Roop received a phone call from Vikas’ brother Ravi saying there was a fight between the two.

Roop then travelled to Jalandhar. He found out that his daughter had been taken to hospital.

When he reached the hospital, he discovered that Asma committed suicide by hanging herself. Meanwhile, Vikas was nowhere to be found.

The next evening, news of Vikas’ death began to spread. Police eventually found his body on the railway tracks.

GRP SHO Balveer Singh confirmed the suicide and said that his family were informed and that an investigation has been launched.

While the investigation continues, locals expressed their sadness towards the two children who had lost both parents within the space of 24 hours.

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