Erim Kaur: Social Influencer & CEO of ByErim Talks Business

Erim Kaur is a social influencer and the CEO of luxury haircare brand, ByErim. Erim exclusively discusses her business journey, inspirations and much more!

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"When I launched ByErim not expecting any sales, but sold out in 4 hours after launch!"

Erim Kaur is a young, Punjabi woman who is a social influencer and the CEO and founder of luxury haircare brand, ByErim.

From the ground up, Erim has set up her own business. She takes inspiration from the recipe passed down from her Dhadi (Grandma) to create an all-natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and unisex hair oil.

Through the years, Erim and her Dhadi experimented with different combinations of oils. A couple of years later, they found the perfect formula.

ByErim Hair Oil contains eight high-quality pure oils. They include amla oil, argan oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and bergamot.

These ingredients are beneficial to achieving healthy hair in many ways.

From the amla oil aiding in hair growth and preventing premature greying to the castor oil being rich in protein and key to hair strengthening and growing to the calming effect of lavender.

Thus far, ByErim has had huge success, with each launch selling out of products!

Humbly, Erim expresses on the ByErim website:

“But I want you all to understand – this isn’t really about me, it’s about my mum, my Grandma and all of you who have the strength and courage to turn something sad into something happy and share it with the world.”

Also, across her social media platforms, Erim spreads lots of positivity and sisterhood.

We exclusively talk to social influencer Erim Kaur about her ByErim business journey, inspirations and more!

Firstly, how have you been and how has quarantine gone for you?

Understandably, the Covid-19 lockdown has been a mentally difficult time for many people. However, Erim has found a sense of peace during the quarantine.

Speaking about how she has been coping with the lockdown, she revealed:

“So far so good! It has given me time to slow down, reflect and re-strategise where I see my businesses heading.”

What does a day in the life of Erim entail?

Undoubtedly, running your own business can be hectic with day-to-day life involving various tasks and errands. Speaking about the same, Erim said:

“I wake up around 10 am, stay in bed for an hour handling all notifications and catching up with emails.

“Then I have breakfast and head out for my errands/meetings.

“Come evening, I have dinner with my family and get into bed with a choccie and speak on the phone to my friends!”

Erin continued to mention how she stays positive, despite admitting that her “life is a mess.” She explained:

“I just try and show the good bits to inspire my followers whilst still keeping it real where I can so they know no one is perfect.”

“Whether it is life or business stress, Erim explains how she deals with stress: “I talk through it with my friends.

“I’m lucky to have very emotionally intelligent women around me who hold me accountable to my mistakes and it helps me work through stressful situations.”

What was your journey like during university?

“As I was the first in my family to go to uni, I really didn’t know what to expect so I really was just getting used to it in my first 2 years.

“My 3rd year I went to Atlanta and it was the best experience of my life – I learned so much about myself and then returned to do my final year where I really put my head down.”

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In terms of business, what was the process like in starting up your brand/business?

Starting up your own business is certainly a challenging procedure. Erim disclosed “it’s a long and difficult process.”

She added:

“Even though now my processes and product are established, the supply chain is always moving and there are so many elements to keep up with.”

Despite the strenuous work, Erim has the motivation and ambition to continue:

“But I do feel like I was born to do this, so I try and take it in my stride and outsource where I can.”

We asked Erim about her inspiration behind her brand, she revealed:

“My mum – she had beautiful, long hair and I always wanted hair like hers.”

When asked who inspires Erim personally, she replies her biggest inspiration is her dad. She describes him as being the “most fearless man” she knows.

Furthermore, her favourite aspect of a business is negotiating. Erim adds:

“I love widening the offering and leaving the room with both parties having more than they expected – this is key for relationship building.”

Why should people buy your product(s)?

“It works and the results speak for themselves – from hair health to being the perfect companion to smoothing down baby hairs for a sleek ponytail.

“Plus it proudly made in the UK with the highest quality oils and a formula that took decades to perfect.”

Notably, Erim highlights how it feels as an entrepreneur to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews for ByErim:

“So proud. Every review makes a huge difference and I see and respond to them all personally. We have an ‘Excellent’ rating on TrustPilot which really makes me proud.”

What was your vision in using these simple yet effective colours and design for your logo and branding?

Her vision comes from well-recognised and highly successful companies, replying:

“I really wanted to create a unisex, luxury bottle. I looked at brands like Chanel, Tom Ford and Jo Malone for inspiration.”

Erim Kaur is rightly aiming high which we support and love to see.

She indicates whether or not we will see ByErim products on the shelves of Health and Beauty stores:

“I hope so. If Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols etc. are reading this, get in touch!”

What advice would you give your younger self?

The short yet very effectively powerful message in which Erim would give her younger self is that:

“It will be worth it.”

Recollecting the initial launch of her luxury haircare brand, ByErim, Erim conveys the most exciting and memorable moment within her field:

“When I launched ByErim not expecting any sales, but sold out in 4 hours after launch!”

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From social media posts, we know you admire fragrances. Could we see a ByErim fragrance range in the future?

When asked about a potential ByErim fragrance range in the future, Erim keeps her horizons open, revealing:

“Maybe! I never know what each day will hold so I’ll never say never.”

She also went on to mention the essential fragrance notes that she would use if she was to create a fragrance.

Staying to the theme of one of the key ingredients used in her ByErim Hair Oil, Erim replied:

“Definitely lavender, as that’s my signature scent for ByErim, due to it’s anti-anxiety and calming properties. I also love the smell of blossom.”

Uniquely, if Erim was to choose to use only one perfume for the rest of her life, it would be “Poppy & Barley by Jo Malone”.

She selects this beautiful, lively floral scent due to the fact that “it’s so comforting”.

If you were to have a celebrity represent your brand, who would it be and why?

Celebrity representation is considered a key marketing strategy for several brands and their products.

Typically, celebrities have a greater reach, therefore, the brands they represent appeals to their fan following. Erim revealed her choice would be “Maya Jama” because “she is so effervescent and charismatic.”

She further added:

“I love how she truly embraces who she is and I would love her energy to be tied with ByErim.”

This prompted the question concerning the three celebrities Erim would wish to quarantine with given the chance.

She gives us a great mix of three different types of celebrities and personalities, communicating:

“Oprah, for her stories. Addison Rae to teach me TikTok dances and a comedian to make me laugh!”

Interestingly, if Erim was to meet a fictional character in real-life, it would be a certain Harry Potter character.

“Hermione – ultimate girl boss!” expresses Erim, a cool yet empowering statement.

If you could play one Bollywood character, who would it be?

If Erim Kaur was to play one Bollywood character, she would pick Babbu Bains as she describes her as being “so feisty”.

Also, the all-time classic Bollywood romantic drama film Veer-Zaara (2004) is Erim’s favourite Bollywood movie.

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Which places do you want to visit across the world that you haven’t visited yet?

“The Maldives – it looks so pretty.”

The response that Erim articulates is riveting, a place in which we are pretty sure many would also admire to visit!

Who are your top three favourite music artists of all-time?

Currently, the top three all-time favourite music artists on Erim’s list are Canadian rapper Drake, American singer-songwriter and actress Mary J. Blige and American singer and songwriter Khalid.

In addition, the track that she has on repeat at the moment is “‘Chicago Freestyle’ by Drake.”

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

If Erim could change one thing in the world, it would be “homelessness.”

This concerning world issue is something Erim dearly thinks “about it all the time.”

Lastly, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“CEO of ByErim still and travelling around the world to talk about it!”

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To conclude, it was a pleasure interviewing the humble, driven and inspiring social influencer and CEO of ByErim, Erim Kaur!

Keep up to date with Erim across all her social media platforms, including her Instagram ‘@erimstagram’, TikTok ‘@Erim’ and YouTube ‘Erim Kaur’.

Additionally, follow ‘@ByErim’ on social media platforms for future restocks and launches of ByErim products.

We wish Erim Kaur all the positivity and success for the future with her life and her business ventures with ByErim!

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Images courtesy of Erim Kaur and ByErim.