Top 5 Indian Nail Art Designs for Every Occasion

Have you ever been stuck for ideas of how to paint your nails? Take a look at our top Indian nail art designs for you to take inspiration from.

Top Indian Nail Art Designs f

Beautiful creations which can instantly spruce up your look

Nail art enthusiasts are always searching for innovative and creative nail art designs which can be sported on several occasions or simply everyday wear.

While the classic white tip nails are always in trend, sometimes it is good to experiment with various styles.

Interestingly, the Indian culture is rich in art and this aspect can be transformed into amazing designs for your nails.

Indian art is not only limited to beautiful paintings, architecture and fashion. In fact, it can be incorporated into adorning your nails.

This will allow you to wear the Indian flair at your fingertips. Better yet, why not get creative and see where your nail art journey takes you?

To help with this, we have compiled a list of stunning Indian nail art designs for you to take inspiration from and recreate.

Majestic Peacock

Top Indian Nail Art Designs - peacock

Understandably, the process of creating nail art is certainly time-consuming. However, the time and effort spent in decorating your nails are worth it.

The results surely do speak for themselves and this is evident with this gorgeous peacock nail design.

Peacocks are one of India’s most popular animals which are used extensively in Indian art.

Not only are peacocks synonymous with India, but they look majestic on your nails.

In this instance, when combining your fingers together this design manifests into a magnificent peacock.

The devil is certainly in the detail with this nail art design. Although it may seem hours of work went into this design, it can easily be recreated using stencils.

Luckily for us, finding stencils or stickers to create this majestic bird can be easily purchased.

To achieve this design, first, paint your nails with white nail varnish. This will act as your background for the peacock design.

Using your stencils, paint according to a peacock layout with blue and green nail varnish. This process will take a few tries to get right.

However, with more practise the easier this process will get.

Another great trick is to use gold nail vanish to add the finishing touches and highlight the feathers of the bird.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to paint the entire peacock across your nail you can simply paint the feathers on each nail.

Enticing Elephant

Top Indian Nail Art Designs - elephants

Another animal synonymous with India and Indian art is the elephant.

They are important in Indian culture and mythology alike. Elephants symbolise strength, intellect and wisdom.

To stay in touch with your Indian heritage and culture why not try this simple yet stylish elephant nail art design?

Painting multiple elephants across your fingers may seem like an immense effort, but the finished look is immaculate.

If you are a whiz with paint then you can easily paint elephants freehand on your nails.

However, if you require some support and essentially to save time you can simply use stencils.

Paint your nails using a white or pastel hues for a light background. Then you can paint elephants using black nail varnish.

On the other hand, you can switch things up and use a dark background colour like black with a gold-coloured elephant.

In particular, this Indian nail art design would look best with square-shaped nails. This is because the elephant design requires width towards the tip of your nails.

Mehndi Design

Top Indian Nail Art Designs - henna

Inspire your next manicure with this beautiful mehndi nail design.

Henna is used extensively in Indian culture from being used as hair dye or treatment to adorning your hands, arms and feet with mehndi designs.

Stepping away from traditional uses, mehndi designs can be taken to our fingertips.

This Indian nail art design features flowers, dots, swirls and fine lines which all come together to create enticing mehndi designs.

To master this Indian art design, it is important to have a steady hand and give yourself ample time to complete it.

For a classy look, opt for a light base with black nail paint for the design.

Whereas, for a chic look you can choose vibrant colours for both the base and design. Never be afraid to play with bright colours.

One of the best things about this design is that it complements all nail shapes from coffin, almond, rounded to square.

Also, you can opt for different mehendi designs on each nail to add to the splendour.

Why not take it one step further with a glittery base to enhance the beauty of your Indian nail art design.


Top Indian Nail Art Designs - mandala

If you have artistic talent and are not afraid to experiment then take your talent one step further with these lovely mandala nail designs.

Mandalas are carefully crafted, detailed circular designs which can be used as stunning decorative pieces.

In this instance, you can utilise stencils once again to make it easier and less messy.

The uniformity of this Indian nail art design is unprecedented and adds a bohemian touch to your overall look.

The beauty of this design is that it can be painted with fine strokes, dotted and adorned with gems. The options are endless.

It can also be styled with all nail shapes and different colours.

In particular, try the ombre effect for added dimension or go nude for a more sophisticated look.

Additionally, you can opt for the mandala design on your ring fingers while leaving the rest in a matte or metallic finish.

Modern Bride

Top Indian Nail Art Designs - bridal

This is an amazing nail art design which is perfect for a modern Desi bride. It incorporates all the glitter, mattes and gems any nail design could need.

In this instance, the gems are strategically placed to form a 3D mehendi design.

The glitter adds a hint of shine while the matte nails complement the overall look by adding a different texture in the mix.

One of the great aspects of this nail art design is that there is no need for uniformity.

You can mix and match textures, finishes and styles to suit your unique taste and personality.

This is what makes this design ideal for brides on their big days. They will adorn a nail design which is unique to their lighting.

Also, the colours can be changed to match the hues in their lehenga.

Equally, red would look amazing as part of this design for our traditional brides while nudes and pastels better suit the modern brides.

Indian nail art designs are beautiful creations which can instantly spruce up your look as well as your mood.

So, make sure you take these nail art designs to your next manicure appointment and connect with your Indian roots.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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