Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown

There are various arts and crafts ideas for adults to get stuck into while you are confined indoor. We present ideas for you to enjoy.

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown f

Get ready to awaken your inner artist

To help pass time during the lockdown, one of the best and most therapeutic activities is to indulge in various arts and crafts projects.

Arts and crafts ideas allow your creative juices to flow while alleviating boredom when self-quarantining at home.

It is also easily accessible with the objects you have at home which is great during the lockdown.

There are numerous arts and crafts ideas from colouring to painting which means there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For all those who are working from home, sometimes it is best to wind down and what better way than to enjoy arts and craft.

We explore various arts and crafts ideas for adults to partake in while being confined indoors.

Adult Colouring

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown - colouring books

Colouring books are widely bought by many people for their children to help keep them entertained and engaged.

Yet, some people are unaware that there are, in fact, colouring books that are intended for adults.

These differ from children colouring books as they feature higher quality paper, complex and intricate designs as well as a vast selection of themes.

These include city landscapes, flowers, animals, mandalas, novel themes and many more. There is something for everyone to colour.

In fact, there are many benefits of colouring for adults. For example, you do not need to be an artist, colouring can be done by everyone.

Adult colouring can transform into a hobby which can be enjoyed wherever you go.

It is also known to relieve your brain of daily stress because your brain will focus on the present task. This will, in turn, allow your brain to enter a relaxed state.

According to Medical Daily, Dr Stan Rodski, a neuropsychologist who has his own line of adult colouring books explained the benefit of this form of art.

He said: “like meditation, colouring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment. Tasks with predictable results such as colouring or knitting can often be calming.”

Undoubtedly, while remaining at home during the lockdown tensions will naturally run high.

This is because the normality of life has been taken away from and a new world order must be adopted.

During this uncertain time, it would be perfect to take some time out for yourself, particularly if you have children and enjoy colouring.

Paint by Numbers

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown - paint

Explore the artist in yourself by experimenting with paint by numbers. It is also worth mentioning this form of art will give you focus and relief.

These DIY painting kits are extremely simple to use. A picture is divided into shapes with each shape marked with a number that corresponds to a colour.

Simply follow the order of the numbers with the matching colour and create a beautiful finished painting.

To create the best picture possible, it is best to start painting in descending order. This will allow you to paint from larger areas and work towards smaller areas. It will also prevent you from making accidental smudges.

Another great tip is to paint using the darkest colour first and allow them to dry before moving towards the lightest colours.

If you wish to be perfect the Picasso and Da Vinci in you, then be sure to be precise while painting. This means you have used enough paint to cover the area without it transferring to the next shape.

More importantly, do not forget to have fun while following the instructions and tips. Learn, unwind and enjoy.

There is no denying painting requires time and patience so what better time to start than during lockdown.


Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown - mandala

Mandalas, known as ‘circle’ or ‘centre’ according to the Sanskrit language are spiritual symbols which symbolise the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism.

A mandala is a symmetrical or asymmetrical, complex ornament which is used to help people focus on meditation.

Colouring mandalas feature intricately beautiful designs which allude to harmony and is an effective way to keep calm.

Each mandala design is unique and ranges in complexity for beginners to experts.

This form of art is great during lockdown because various mandala design can be found online and printed.

Alternatively, if you prefer, mandala colouring books are also available. The various designs will allow you to challenge your inner artist.

It is also believed colouring mandalas helps to elevate stress, has therapeutic effects, reconnects with your inner child and much more.

Sequin Art

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown - sequins

During the lockdown, why not add a bit of sparkle to your home with sequin art?

Sequin art craft is a popular trend for adults to get involved in with the end result brightening up your day.

Typically, the crafts box includes pins, sequins, an image with instructions and a polystyrene frame.

Begin by placing the sheet into the polystyrene frame and securing it in place with pins.

Once you have fixed the guide to the frame follow the instructions and watch your sparkling image come to life.

Create a large range of designs that will each shimmer differently depending on the brightness of your room.

Mehndi Canvases

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown - mend

Whether you are South Asian or not, mehndi is a well-known worldwide phenomenon that is recognised by all walks of life.

Traditionally, mehndi is used to adorn one’s hands, arms and feet for their wedding, a celebratory occasion or sometimes because they simply feel like it.

However, mehndi designs are not limited to being applied to someone’s skin, rather it can be used to create stunning designs on canvases.

Unlike traditional mehndi which dries on the skin and flakes off, mehndi used on canvases is mixed with water and white craft glue.

Once you have mixed your mehndi paste pour it into a mehndi cone and set aside for the time being.

Meanwhile, paint your blank canvas with any colour or colours you wish to have as the background to your design.

If you wish to opt for vibrant colours apply red and orange paint on the canvas until you are satisfied with the colour payoff and let dry.

Alternatively, you can choose a tranquil background with a mixture of blue and green.

As a beginner, if you are not comfortable with drawing your mehndi design freehand on the canvas then you can use a pencil and draw out your design.

For experts, you can go right ahead and create your mehndi design freehand.

To add an extra something to your design you can add pearls and diamonds to your mehndi canvas design. This will enhance the beauty of your craft.

Watch the Video of a Mehndi Canvas Painting


Creative Wall Display

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults during Lockdown - wall

Spending more time at home during the lockdown will have you noticing various things about your home which probably went unnoticed before.

For example, why did you ever decide to leave the lounge walls bare? Or why did never get around to customising the staircase wall?

The answer probably is because you never found the right time to get this done.

This is where a creative wall display comes into play. As adults, home décor is your responsibility and it should not be neglected.

What better time than the lockdown to get your creative wall display up?

Instead of constantly working from home, running around after the children or binge-watching series online, it is time to get creative with this craft.

First, select which wall it is you want to revamp. Once you have decided this, pull out your photo album and select the best pictures you want up on the wall.

If you happen to have random photo frames stored away then you can use them to hang up your photos.

Yet worry not if you do not have photo frames. Alternatively, you can use long pieces of string and pegs to hang up your photos.

If you are pretty confident in your art and crafts skills then you can create a family tree wall display.

For this, you will need paint, a paintbrush, stencil (optional) and pictures. Carefully paint a tree with bare branches.

Then along the branches stick your family photos from the eldest to the youngest members.

During a time where family contact is limited, doing this form of craft will certainly make you feel more connected to your family and will bring a smile to your face.

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to awaken your inner artist with these forms of arts and crafts to delve into during the lockdown.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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