Mia Khalifa slams ‘Loser’ Polish Rapper for Disrespecting Her

Mia Khalifa slammed a Polish rapper for his disrespectful post that featured her, brandishing him a “loser”.

Mia Khalifa slams 'Loser' Polish Rapper for Disrespecting Her f

"Moves almost as lame as your music"

Mia Khalifa hit back at a Polish rapper after he “chased” her for a picture and “disrespected” her on Instagram.

The former adult film star is currently in Europe for Milan Fashion Week.

Throughout the event, she has been keeping her fans up to date.

This includes posing for photos with fans outside the Diesel event. One photo was with Polish rapper Zabson.

The picture featured the pair smiling, however, Zabson’s caption appeared to anger Mia.

Referencing one of his songs, the caption read:

“You can be my sidehoe.”

The rapper later deleted the post but Mia saw it and took the time to comment.

She wrote: “You gonna also tell them how your desperate ass clout chased me out the show to ask for a second photo with better lighting just to put a disrespectful caption?

“Moves almost as lame as your music, but god bless.”

Mia also screenshotted the post and her reply, sharing it on her Instagram Story. She blocked out Zabson’s username in the image.

Writing “LOSER” across his face, Mia added in a caption:

“A little public shaming builds much-needed character, but no free clout.”

Mia Khalifa slams 'Loser' Polish Rapper for Disrespecting Her

Zabson’s original post was removed but he re-uploaded the picture, this time with a grovelling apology.

He wrote: “I’m so sorry Mia as your fan I didn’t plan to offend you. That was [a] stupid choice of words and I regret it.”

Many social media users found the apology embarrassing and took to the comments section to mock the rapper.

One asked: “Was the lighting good?”

A second said: “You are going to represent Poland, and as part of the coverage of a prestigious fashion event, you publicly humiliate one of the guests. Small d*ck energy af.”

A third said:

“Cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe.”

Some apologised on behalf of the rapper while others praised Mia Khalifa for calling out Zabson for his comment.

One user said: “Thank you for your reaction to the sexist comment of the Polish rapper!

“It’s so important for us, women in Poland, to show that there is no mercy to sexists.

“It’s really empowering, I’m a feminist activist, I support women after rapes, and it really means a lot to us. Thanks!”

A few netizens told Mia that the caption was a reference to his song.

One person said: “Girl chill about Zabson, it’s just his new song lyrics like he didn’t want to offend you.”

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