Nida Yasir angers Fans for Disrespecting Munawar Saeed

Television show host Nida Yasir has angered viewers watching her interview with veteran actor Munawar Saeed.

Nida Yasir angers Fans for Disrespecting Munawar Saeed

“If I am fifty then you are ninety.”

Morning show host and actor Nida Yasir has angered fans, after she was accused of ignoring veteran actor Munawar Saeed, whilst making an appearance on her show.

Munawar Saeed joined the cast of Baby Baji on Good Morning Pakistan, and viewers feel that Nida ignored and disrespected him, favouring the other celebrities over him.

However, this is not the first time Nida has been called out for her interview skills. She has previously been scolded for her loud tone and inability to let guests speak without constantly interrupting them.

In the clips that have gone viral, Nida is seen constantly turning her back on Munawar Saeed, cutting him off when he was speaking and generally being very loud in the interview.

She also passed a judgement about the types of father-in-laws there are in society, and went on to label some as perverts. She made this comment on more than one occasion during the programme.

In one clip Nida is seen with her hand on her hip questioning the legendary actor, when he jokingly said he had been working with Nida for the past fifty years, to which Nida replied:

“My parents have not been married for fifty years, how can you say I am fifty?”

Javeria Saud is heard telling Nida that Munawar Saeed was only teasing. Not one to let it go, Nida replied:

“If I am fifty then you are ninety.”

In response to this Munawar Saeed claimed that he did not deny this, and that he was in fact almost ninety years old.

Viewers of the show rushed forward to share their comments regarding Nida’s behaviour towards the senior actor.

One comment read:

“Nida needs to learn respect towards seniors. I have never seen such a disrespectful person.”

Another unhappy viewer wrote:

“Felt sorry for Munawar Sahab. Extremely disrespectful behaviour of Nida.”

Picking up on the fact that father-in-laws were seen as perverts, one fan angrily exclaimed:

“Is this even a question? Pervert sasur [father-in-law]? How uneducated can one be to ask this question? So disappointed and disrespectful.”

In another comment one person deemed Nida to be irresponsible, and that the show should be banned if it wasn’t going to give senior actors the respect they deserved.

Another comment was made that ARY should take action against the host.

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