Nida Yasir blames Pakistan’s Divorce Rates on ‘Lack of Patience’

Nida Yasir gave her opinion on Pakistan’s rising divorce rates and blamed it on people’s lack of patience.

Nida Yasir blames Pakistan's Divorce Rates on Lack of Patience f

"you have to make repeated efforts to sustain the relationship.”

Nida Yasir recently shared her opinions on the soaring divorce rates in Pakistani society, blaming people’s lack of patience.

Speaking on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, Nida stated:

“People nowadays have a better understanding of their rights compared to the past.

“This heightened awareness helps them recognise when something is wrong in their relationships and have a clearer idea of how their lives should be.

“This sometimes leads to a quick reaction to the ending of the relationship, rather than trying to work out the issues, which should be the initial response.”

Nida went on to explain how important relationships were. She continued:

“If people are informed and aware of their rights, Allah hasn’t said to separate them.

“When you commit and marry someone, you have to make repeated efforts to sustain the relationship.”

Nida Yasir highlighted her own marriage and admitted that she argues with her husband, adding that it was a normal part of life.

Speaking generally on the podcast, Nida revealed that she graduated in physics and also studied hotel management at university.

She said that being able to study hotel management gave her the opportunity to practise effective communication and told Hafiz that she worked in the hotel industry for a short period of time.

Discussing the topic of entering the entertainment industry, Nida admitted that this was not her plan.

She revealed that in actual fact, she wanted to go to Switzerland for further education but it was too expensive.

After telling her father that she would earn the money and go abroad of her own accord, she stepped into the world of acting and never looked back.

Nida Yasir admitted that once she got married and became a mother, she found it hard to manage her work-life balance, and had to postpone her acting career because of this.

She resumed her acting career when her husband, Yasir Nawaz, produced the comedy serial Nadaniyaan, and it was during this time she was offered the slot of a morning show host.

Nida is the daughter of the talented director-producer Kazim Pasha, and the wife of producer, director and actor, Yasir Nawaz.

The couple have three children.

Nida Yasir also has her own clothing range which she has called Nida Yasir Collection, or NYC.

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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