Waqar Zaka reacts to Nida Yasir’s ‘Career Sabotage’ Allegations

In a video, Waqar Zaka has responded to Nida Yasir’s allegations that he tried to sabotage her career as a televison host.

Waqar Zaka reacts to Nida Yasir's 'Career Sabotage' Allegations f

"I am once and for all clapping back at critics"

Waqar Zaka has responded to recent allegations by Nida Yasir that he had tried to ruin her career as a morning show host.

On Hasna Mana Hai, Nida claimed Waqar tried everything in his power to have her removed as a host.

She went on to say that despite working for the same channel there was animosity between the pair and when Waqar left the channel he resorted to sending e-mails to the management, asking for Nida to be replaced.

Waqar has now released a video reply where he explains the situation in his own words.

He said: “I am not offering an explanation or clarification. I am once and for all clapping back at critics by divulging the full account.

“There was a child abuse case in Karachi and she [Nida] invited the parents to her morning show.

“These morning shows have a norm of making people cry for ratings.

“To make the parents cry, Nida asked them such inappropriate questions that they genuinely burst into tears.

“After a lot of trolling, she lied and said her team did not approach Marwah, instead the family sought her to amplify their injustice.”

Waqar referred to the 2020 incident of a minor sexual abuse victim which caused outrage once it became public knowledge.

Upon the interview going on air, Nida was heavily criticised for her insensitive questions and social media users demanded she be reported to PEMRA (Pakistani Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) and be banned.

Waqar then shared a video link dating back to when the incident took place where the victim’s family denied contacting Nida for a spot on her show.

He went on to say that following the social media outburst of netizens he decided to contact the management team of the channel asking that Nida be replaced on the show.

Waqar Zaka also reposted a video where he requested people not be abusive towards Nida.

He said: “If you have a problem in society, please approach it with due legal procedure. Contact PEMRA and ask them to ban Nida Yasir’s morning show.

“Abusing and trolling Nida Yasir online is not the way of a respectable culture.”

“Her children are watching and her husband is watching.

“It is not like she’s Oprah or a follower of Noam Chomsky.

“Does she have any theory in life? In her place, you can have Sidra Iqbal as a host. If not her, then there are so many women you can give a chance to.”

Before ending the video, Waqar Zaka said that if Nida wished to stay on as a morning show host, she must work on herself and improve her interview techniques.

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