Perverse Man had Sex with Chickens and Wife Filmed It

Rehan Baig has been imprisoned for having sex with chickens, filmed by his wife, and for hoarding sexual images of young children.

Perverse Man had Sex with Chickens and Wife Filmed It f

"The defendant caused the death of the chickens on each occasion"

A Bradford man, Rehan Baig, aged 37, who had his wife film him having sex with chickens has been jailed for three years.

Baig from Shepherd Street, Great Horton, Bradford, was joined by his wife, Haleema Baig, aged 38, who filmed the despicable sexual acts with chickens.

Haleema admitted to three charges of aiding and abetting sexual intercourse with an animal.

At the Bradford Crown Court hearing on October 19, 2020, it was revealed Baig also downloaded shocking sexual abuse and indecent images of young children, as young as six.

Performing disgusting sex acts on a dog also included the perverse sexual acts he was involved with, along with the sex with chickens which killed the birds after the violation.

Described as a controlling and manipulating man stored vile ‘homemade’ films of the perverse acts under the label ‘family vids’ at his home.

These movies came to light during a raid by the National Crime Agency at the family’s home on July 9, 2019.

Judge Richard Mansell QC described the images discovered on the seized computers and a phone would make any normal person “sick to the stomach.”

Haleema, a senior care assistant, claimed that her husband’s controlling and coercive behaviour made her a victim. She appeared in court via video link to a women’s refuge after the court heard that she had fled the family home.

Prosecuting, Abigail Langford told the court that the filming and recordings took place in the basement of the house, where police found a GoPro camera.

The sexual acts on chickens were performed as repeated behaviour by Baig. His wife, Haleema tried to claim the chickens were “family pets”, however, police did not find any live chickens at their home.

Miss Langford said: “The defendant caused the death of the chickens on each occasion”.

The court heard Miss Langford describe that one of the clips showed the indecent act of Mr Baig having sex with a chicken which was already dead. 

Police also found a hidden camera in the couple’s bedroom which Haleema seemed to be completely unaware of. Hence, possibly indicating that the husband had been filming the couple secretly.

When Mr Baig was arrested he denied the possession of child sex images and videos.

However, then earlier in 2020, Baig pleaded guilty to several offences.

These included possession of extreme pornographic images including bestiality, three counts of intentionally performing an act of penetration on live chickens, three charges of making indecent photographs of children, and possession of cocaine and cannabis resin.

The defence lawyer for Rehand Baig said that the offences had garnered national and international publicity in countries like Pakistan, Germany and Spain. He said:

“They have attracted derision, loathing and ridicule.”

Mr Hustler said: “He hardly leaves the house and has to send out for cigarettes.” 

Representing Heleema Baig,  John Bottomley said: “The punishment is the shame and humiliation for the rest of her life.”

Haleema Baig was given six months in prison with a suspended sentence for 18 months by Judge Richard Mansell QC.

She was also ordered to comply with her 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days, as well as registering as a sex offender with the police for seven years.

The judge said he agreed that there was some “coercion and manipulation” in the case of Haleema Baig. 

As well as the jail sentence of three years, Rehan Baig must sign on the sex offence register for life.

Baig will also be required to comply with an indefinite sexual harm prevention order which restricts his use of the internet and bans him for life from keeping any animal.

Sentencing Rehan Baig, Judge Richard Mansell QC told him he was guilty of  “unspeakable cruelty to the animals he abused for his own sexual gratification.”

Judge Mansell described the homemade videos as “simply beyond comprehension”, according to the Telegraph and Argus.

Speaking of his cruelty the judge said:

“The pain and suffering was horrific that you inflicted on these chickens.” 

He added: “You’re not fit to bring up or look after any animal after what you’ve done”

It was evident Baig pursued his “depraved, perverted and despicable acts” for a period of time.

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